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Intro : Boy Meets Evil
BTS/방탄소년단 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Intro : Boy Meets Evil' by these artists:

BTS 어두워져 가 내 미래의 빛 치기 어린 사랑에 잃은 꿈의 길 내…

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Fun Boys Ja wasseo a heungtansonyeondan Wasseo wasseo a heungtansonye…
I NEED U Fall (everything) Fall (everything) Fall (everything) 흩어지네 F…
let me Know 마무리 된 이 선율 위에서 나 홀로 버티고 있어 이젠 내게 말해줘 끝났단…
No More Dream 얌마 니 꿈은 뭐니 (뭐니) 얌마 니 꿈은 뭐니 (뭐니) 얌마 니…
We On Now that we found found love What are we gonna do…

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Sabina Sinchuri

@Jonas Neil Castro , ?
I would like to ask, what is the definition of perfect in your eyes? I personally think that everyone is perfect. Even if we have our flaws, we are all perfect because no one can look or impersonate exactly like the other. No one in this world who were born can ever exactly be like the other. We are all different, distinguished, and unique. So different that it feels unreal and hard to comprehend. So how can you know what is perfect? How do you know?

I say that we all are perfectly flawed. We are all special and perfect being. But if you compare each human with another, of course things seem so different and we tend to judge and see which one is better. And the better one in one's eyes are categorized as perfect, but how do you know? And how can you still say that no one is perfect? Is it because of the distinguished features that one looks healthier than the other? How can we trust someone to see which one is perfect when we all see everything in different ways in which the other may be seeing a totally different thing? It's one's own preference and personality that makes them see different from others (correct me if I am wrong); they fail to see from other's perspective. So, how can you understand what this commenter is seeing? I do get an idea of why you say this. You say this because we have our weaknesses and flaws, right? Or is it because of something else?

Let me tell you my view: our weaknesses and flaws are what makes us us, and are what makes us grow and be distinguished from others. I don't see these as downfalls, but rather what makes us a perfect being. These flaws and weaknesses urges us to be better and shift away from the "same thing". These flaws may be in what other's have that you don't see in yourself. Like, talent in dancing. I don't think I am very good, but I have my talent in other aspect that aren't focused in dancing so much. Which may mean that the other person may not have the talent I own. Do you see where I am going? There's always bound to be something one has that others don't. Although we all are made equally, we all are also different that can not be compared with each other. A person does not need to have every talent to be perfect, nor do they need be have what others have to be perfect. Also, they don't need to be perfect; everyone is already perfect as they are and born with a lot of things that others don't which makes them distinguished.

Because of this, I get really confused to "what is really perfect"? If some group of people had the exact same thing, the same features and talents and weakness and flaws, then people would see that as goal; since there are already so many that are exactly the same, doesn't that mean others who are not are different, and will they not aim to be the same? You see? People compare each other and that is why they don't see perfect in themselves and others. They think that since everyone is aiming for that, what's the point of being different? But in reality, no one is the same. So, what is perfect? Can you model? Can you exactly tell me what kind of personality, talent, features, size, items I need to have, or what kind of living being I need to be, how I should live, like how I should act, preform, gesture, talk, learn, be (what I should have as a career, what kind of family I should have), have house, should I be rich or have fame or be super healthy or what fate I should follow; can you exactly tell me what I exactly need to do in order to be perfect (exactly like someone who is living or is able to live a prosperous life)? If so and no one is perfect, I would like to be the first.

So, how do you know if no one is perfect? If you can't tell what perfect is (because of such unreal distinction between one another), how do you know what's perfect and how do you know no one is perfect? It's hard for me to understand, really. If you think you have an answer, please do enlighten me. I would love to see your perspective.

Oh lord, help me; I have made a whole essay! ToT I am sorry, 😖.


I've been wandering all my life, lost, scared, terrified.
My eyes wide open eerily, as the demon lurks beneath me.
I hide and run, in fear of getting swallowed in it's darkness.
A silhouette chasing after me, following my every move. Reaching to catch me as I run around for ethernity.

I laugh hysterically. Wipe my eyes that flowed with tears of dread and horror. A figure walking towards me.
"Chin up my darling, get rest. Am I not enough for you?"

Crouching down, their soft fingers caresse my cheek. Their long nails gazing through my lips as it bled and bled. Taking in every ounce of my soul.
I fell down. My sanity blurring away from my sight.

"It was me all along. I was the demon." I stand up and walk away from my body" My shadow.

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Army Girl

Jhope be like:
█ █ █ █ █
█ █ █ █ █
█ █ █ █ █
dance rap vocals visuals talent

Snehal Thakare

How do you get so many ideas to come up with creative comments everytime.

artistic persona

@Mai Andersen you didn't read everything , but nice one for trying to make me look like a fool :/

artistic persona

@queen's law if you turn on someone hurting their ego, then you are clearly a psycho

MintChoco JHOPE


Wow Wow


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Someone: You can't be good at everything.

MintChoco JHOPE


Wow Wow

He is soo good!! Perfect!


@Prv Alex you had me in the first half

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