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BTS/방탄소년단 (BTS) Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by BTS/방탄소년단 (BTS):

I NEED U Fall (everything) Fall (everything) Fall (everything) 흩어지…

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tRuStFrAtEd bunny wants you to stan BTS Twice RV

-He can dance perfectly
-He has heavenly vocals that I have never heard someone has them before
-He is above average in rapping and you have to admit that his rap is way better than some other idols
-He has great visuals that I am starting to think he fell down from heaven and ended up in earth
-He is kind
-He is hardworking
-He is hot, handsome, and sexy
-He is adorable
-He is so caring and respectful
-AND he can draw

Boyfriend material if you ask me, he literally has it all

XxBulletproof TogetherxX

Actually crying

"My life has been a movie all the time"
I feel you Jungkook..But, we're all gonna get through it.
I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen to this song-
To all of you who have depression, anxiety, anything like that and who are going through hard times..
We're all gonna get through it together.
Jungkook really had to courage to get "A.R.M.Y." tattooed on his hand. He loves us that much.
We have BTS with us to keep us happy!
That's how I became happy.
I realized how funny, amazing, and beautiful they were, and all the hard times they been through.
Their just like us..
Their humans who are going through a lot and need help.
We all have each other.
If you don't think anyone loves you, remember you have A.R.M.Y. and BTS.
And those who aren't A.R.M.Y. I still love ya no matter what and you're gonna get through it.
Don't worry.
We are brothers and sisters. We're a family. We're gonna get through this together..
I purple you all!

-You're sister
(See how I put that there? "You're sister" because, we're family. :)

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Andrea Cruz

"We write our own lyrics, so our songs 100% reflect our personalities."

-Min Yoongi

RN _ editz

@Sumaira Shakeel FIGHTING!

Suga BTS

speaking of me? i see.

Obito Uchiha

This song is an autobiographic sad story about him spending his youth in the kpop industry and thus having to grow up too fast losing his precious moments in life. He feels lost and outta time, in a world in which he was forced to grow up too fast and where his life was like on a movie, living jet lags while his friends were riding subway... Something he could never experience again.. Such a sad but beautiful song with meaningful lyrics... BTS's composing talent at its finest 💯

Obito Uchiha

The lyrics are amazing.. Bts really writes with the heart the most meaningful lyrics ever... They are legends... This song is so beautiful

Obito Uchiha

@lhoydamae Hobi participed in the song with David Stewart

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my time jungkook : i can't call ya
dyanmite jungkook : call me on my phone
me : so can we call now?

Spv Deepak

What bout the number, Army??

Trusfrated Person

But first ask for his numbervlol

Art notforthesakeofart

dInG DoNg!

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