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Black Swan
BTS/방탄소년단 (BTS) Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Black Swan' by these artists:

2YOON (Æ÷¹Ì´Ö ÅõÀ±) Gagagamanhi nal jom naebeoryeodwo jebal Ije manmanhi nal boj…
Andrew Stockdale See the black swan drifting along It's doing nothing wrong …
Atoms for Peace/Thom Yorke What will grow crooked, you can't make straight It's the pr…
Balkans Remember when it happened and For you he tried to do…
Belladonna Prayer for a fallen hero Angel with a broken wing Am I…
BTS You do your thang Do your thang with me now Do your…
Caroline Wennergren I'm walking a tightrope white line razors edge Doin' all thi…
Diablo I hate myself and my way of life This time it…
Firewerk All but one my electron All but one is a black…
Forest Stream Take me in the temple of the evening sun Coming from…
Greg Dulli It was early Sunday morning I was running from the cold…
Jeudah No more time to cover up No one who can hide…
Manizha Feelings are like trash for you That's why I need…
Megadeth I thought a desires worth any pleasure, Can never really…
Nina Simone The sun is falling and it lies in blood The moon…
Sunset Rubdown There was a black swan outside the palace it was…
The Cinematic Orchestra What will grow crooked, you can't make straight It's the pr…
The Struts I was a boy from the hills I ran so much…
Thom Yorke What will grow crooked, you can't make straight It's the pri…
thom yorke ( radiohead ) What will grow crooked, you can't make straight It's the pr…
Tori Amos Ride on, ride on, friends of the black swan. Ride on,…
Yorke What will grow crooked, you can't make straight It's the pri…
Yorke Thom What will grow crooked, you can't make straight It's the pr…

We have lyrics for these tracks by BTS/방탄소년단 (BTS):

I NEED U Fall (everything) Fall (everything) Fall (everything) 흩어지…

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Sakshi Sinha

Fake love....900m
Mic drop.....900m
Fire (1thek)....700m
Save me.....600m
ON(both MV)..... 300m
Black swan.....300m

Army fighting..... Let's do it.
Edit : DNA........ 1.1B done.
Fake love ........ 800m done
BWL......... 1B done
ON KMF........... 200m done
Save me.......... 500m done
B,S&T .............. 600m done
Idol..................800m done
Mic drop......... 800m done
Black swan.......200m done
Dope(1thek)................600m done
Dynamite.........700m done

Don't forget to stream Dynamite and LGO

Maca teves

2014: Boy in luv
2019: Boy with love

2016: Save me
2018: I'm fine

2013: Adult child
2020: Inner child

2018: Fake love
2018: Love myself

2014: The stars
2020: Moon

2015: I need you
2018: Serendipity

2016: Lost
2019: Home

2013: We are bulletproof pt. 2
2020: We are bulletproof: the eternal

2013: N.O
2020: ON

2013: No more dream
2020: Dream

2016: Wings
2020: Black swan

The circle is complete

btspaved theway

TBH, BTS's music is not just music anymore, it's literal ART. and I know music is a FORM of art, but you know what I mean, this mv and the art film, the way it's produced, sung and the dancers, was just so emotional and this mv, our boys deserve the whole damn universe.

~ Keep streaming BE.
~Vote for yoongi on Fan n star for his birthday ad.
~ Space shower music awards
btsvotingorg on Twitter for more info!!!!


7 men
6 years since debut
5 different places where they were born
4 vocalists
3 rappers
2 sides of the story
1 group that changed the world
0 chance they will be forgotten

(Sorry, Didn't notice I've commented 3 times..;-;)

min. __sugaa

Let's go Army ! 100M views ! Let's go!
Kim Namjoon !
Kim Seokjin !
Min Yoongi !
Jung Hoseok !
Park Jimin !
Kim Taehyung !
Jeon Jungkook !
We are a family army.... BTS and ARMY forever :3
thanks for the likes!

Jyuly Guío


¡BTS ha superado los 31 Millones de seguidores en Spotify!

Convirtiéndose en el primer acto asiático en la historia de la plataforma en conseguirlo.

¡¡Army!! Estoy tan orgullosa de ustedes.
Gracias a estos chicos estamos haciendo historia.

Gabriela Snidarsis

ON "MV":205M-300M
Black swan :190M-200M
Boy with luv:1B-1.1B
Fake love:800M-900M
Dope(1thek) :597M-600M
Mic drop:777M-800M
Stay gold:131M-150M
Interlude:shadow: 85M-100M
Fire(1thek) :666M-700M

BTS's album "BE" to be released on November 20


Jucy Saraiva

eu tô escutando a evolução do BTS

tbm to vendo o Jin pegando a inveja dos haters no chão e jogando pra Deus abençoar

é tbm cantando muito fluentemente querem ver
bolsonaro e louco eu sou lula, jump, jump, jump

quem vê bts memes vai entender

meu Deus nunca tive tanto like na vida obrigada

Ishika J.

@Moonbyul Blossom How can I?
ON official MV: 83M reduced to 48M
ON kinetic manifesto: 143M dragged down to 101M
Stay Gold: 94M to 67M
The real views of the MV's without deletion at that point should've been
ON: 200M+
Black Swan: 245M
KMF: 565M
Stay Gold: 94M
Could've reached 100M for Stay Gold.
And you're asking me to stop blaming them as if Snaketube is as innocent as babies.
It's true, some didn't know how to stream properly, but huge amount of people streamed and saw views go down in front of their eyes. They say we don't freeze views; It's just to keep a check on bots and real users. If so, where are the views? Give em back. Why are they still struck after months?

All comments from YouTube:


I’ve watched this MV way more than what’s considered a healthy amount

Punya Sitapara

Yes movie so worth 😀💜I loved


HAHSKHAKJS i watch your vids and im subscribed

official_kacchan_ katsuki_bakugou



Same everyday I spend 1-3 hours listening to them 😂

T ΛRMY #StopAsianHate #HappyBirthdayJonghyun


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⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭

"No matter where are you from"
"Your skin color"
"Your gender identity"
"Just speak your self"
- Kim Namjoon



Preetae xoxo

Namjoon the LOML. 🥺💜

Piper Shepherd


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