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BTS(방탄소년단) Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by BTS(방탄소년단):

Boy In Luv [Jungkook] Doego…
CONVERSE HIGH [Rap Monster] neoui converse high Neoui converse high Neoui …
DOPE 어서 와 방탄은 처음이지? Ayo ladies and gentleman 준비가 됐다면 부를게 yeah! …
FIRE 불타오르네 Fire Fire Fire Fire When I wake up in my room…
I NEED U [Jungkook] Fall ([Rap Monster] everything) [Jungkook] Fall (…
War of Hormone [Intro Rap Monster] (Nugu ttaemune Yeoja ttaemune Nugu ttaem…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Army x BTS

V: *attacking with his eyes*😛😛
Jk: *attacking with his voice*😜
Suga: *attacking with his rap*😎😎
Rm: *attacking with his english*😘
J-hope: *attacking with his dance*😉
Jimin: * attacking with his body*😋
Jin: *attacking with his face*😫

Who agree? 😊😊😊

Edit:thank you for 💓💓

All comments from YouTube:

Kyanu Pryce

Why can’t they show jungkooks tattoos? I don’t understand why tae gets fake ones but we can’t see jungkooks real ones,they look cool as hell

kpop sunbae

run BTS ep 117

Alyanna Jayne

If they do that I guess theyre gonna be ban in Korea

We are BULLETPROOF : The eternal

And maybe they didn’t want to seem unreligious?

We are BULLETPROOF : The eternal

Kyanu Pryce I think because children watch them too and it’s bad for children...?

Nur 'Izzati

@Feranita I'm from an Asian country too, so I can totally relate with this.

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Phoebe Veras

JK: mY EvErYtHiNg My BlOoD AnD TeArS
does a finger heart



Patty Mendoza



therefore, he has killed me. WITH HIS HANDSOMENESS.

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