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Pied Piper
BTS. Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Pied Piper' by these artists:

BTS 나쁜 거라 더 좋은 거야 속으론 알고 있잖아 이젠 멈춰지지 않는 거야…
Cher You with your masquerading And you always contemplating wha…
Crispian St. Peters You With your masquerading, and you Always contemplating w…
Heather Dale Greetings, Master Piper The other kids and I can see you're…
Jethro Tull Now if you think Ray blew it, There was nothing to…
Kincade You with your masquerading you always contemplating What to …
Lux Occulta Beautiful and wealthy is our town of Hamelin Neighbors are g…
Petra It's not so hard to understand what people see in…
St Peter You With your masquerading, and you Always contemplating w…
T.M.Revolution omoi kitte sono AYASHI ki na tobira wo kugutte…
The Pillows 退屈極まりない平坦な道 アクビ堪えてるキミ 遠い空の下でカーニバル 目が覚めるような音呼んでるぜ どこに行こ…
The Saw Doctors Well it seems when he came over Things were fairly looking…
The Stand It's not so hard to understand what people see in…

We have lyrics for these tracks by BTS.:

blood sweat & tears 내 피 땀 눈물 내 마지막 춤을 다 가져가 가 내 피 땀…
butterfly 아무것도 생각하지 마 넌 아무 말도 꺼내지도 마 그냥 내게 웃어줘 난 아직도…
first love 내 기억의 구석 한 켠에 자리잡은 갈색 piano 어릴 적 집 안의…
i need u Fall (Everything) Fall (Everything) Fall (Everything) 離れてく F…
i need you Fall (everything) Fall (everything) Fall (everything) 흩어지…
intro: never mind apman bogo dallyeotji juwireul dulleo bol teum eobsi eoneusa…
mama Time travel 2006년의 해 춤에 미쳐 엄마 허리띠를 졸라맸지 아빠 반대에도 매일…
paradise La la la la la la ah ah 마라톤 마라톤 삶은 길어…
spring day 보고 싶다 이렇게 말하니까 더 보고 싶다 너희 사진을 보고 있어도 보고 싶다 너무 야속한…
wings Take me to the sky Put your hands up to the…

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meanwhile in the recording studio

Yoongi: what should we write this song about?
Hobi: idk, maybe about army? 💜
yoongi: yeah! but what would it be telling army? Like what message
joon: school! we should tell them how important their studies are and they should prioritize them over us
yoongi: NOOOO-
pied piper is made
Yoongi: sigh I could’ve told the haters to back off or the army to love themselves, but no! I have to rap about studying! anyways, I hope army likes it and that’s all that matters to me...


this is a joke do not take it seriously it’s just that yoongi has made some jokes about how he hates tests and studying

I named my car Jimin So i can PARK JIMIN

"I'm taking over you"
"It's not as if you're being punished, come to me I'm your paradise"
"Even if you try to resist, it's probably useless now (don't refuse me)"
"I've come to ruin you"
"I'm your guilty pleasure, you can't escape, never."
"Yeah, I am a bit dangerous"
"Because you can't live without me, I know it all"
"Just close your eyes and listen intently. Follow the sound of the pipes, follow this song.
Even though I'm a bit dangerous, I'm very sweet."
"You do know that, deep within, you're unable to stop now (you can't stop)"
"If I am, perhaps, ruining you, would you forgive me?"

I know this is long, and I am sorry if I come off as offensive here but thing song is just...weirdly creepy. Like come on, we aren't that obsessed, are we..? I know I'm not. Maybe I got the message all wrong because I don't listen to thing song at all anymore. Sure, I love BTS, I support them, but I have grown to like other things and I've focused on myself more. This is just my opinion though lol, no hate. I love all their other songs besides this one. No offense, been an ARMY for four years anyways.

Josephine Constantin Aurelle 1318086

Namjoon : now stop watching and study for your test

Me : okey dokey yo UnU


them : *TeAsInG mE*

Me : * keep trying to focus on the book *

JK : i'm here to ruin you and your studyyyyyy

Me : y'know what let's..l-let's take a break for 5 minutes
it's not that long righttttt ???

Namjoon : you really want me to shave your eyebrows

Jisoo : you better run run run

Cynthia Martinez

The whole time I was looking at the lyrics and I kept saying, "WHERE IS THE LIE?!"

"Stop now stop watching and study for your test Your parents and director hate me" WHERE IS THE LIE?!

"Video clips, pictures, tweets V app, Bon Voyage I know, you can't help what you like. But stop, interpret the music video later. You have so many pictures of me in your room anyway" WHERE IS THE LIE?!

"I'm endlessly blowing I'm your guilty pleasure you can't escape never" WHERE IS THE LIE?!

"I'm ruining you" WHERE. IS. THE. DAMN. LIE?!

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Please listen to my music a lot, too :)
It is helpful for operating this channel.

099_Mahfuja Akter

This song tell us to stop lisening there songs more but you tell the opposite

Aleezahh Javaid

i purple you

Fernando Devon

@Yusuf Solomon i am trying it out right now. Seems to be working :)


@toudte qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

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Shekinah Ramos

BTS: writes song abt studying
ARMYs: listens to this song instead of studying

ot7 meow

@Samina Islam me too

ot7 meow

@Min Choon-Hee 😅😂

Samina Islam

Actually I'm listening while studying

Anushka Raj

@Min Choon-Hee haha😁

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