intro: never mind
BTS. Lyrics

apman bogo dallyeotji
juwireul dulleo bol teum eobsi
eoneusae naneun gajogui jarangi dwaetgo
eoneu jeongdo seonggongeul haesseo
sachungira malhaneun geujjeum
saenggagi nane mundeug
geu dangsi naneun eoryeotgo museoul ge eobseotji
myeoch beonui jwajeol geugeon amugeotdo anyeo
dallajin georagon geuttaee bihae jogeum keojin kiwa
dong naidaee bihae jogeum seongsukhaejin siya
namsandongui jiha jageobsireseobuteo
apgujeongkkaji kkara noheun nae beat cheongchunui chulcheo
juwi modu malhaetji obeohajima
eumak handapsigo kkapchimyeon jiban geodeollaenikka
geuttaebuteo singyeong an sseotji nuga mworadeunji
geujeo nae kkollindaero nae sosindaero saragal ppun
niga bogien jigeum nan eotteol geot gatnya
naega bogien eotteol geot gata?
naega manghagil gidohaetdeon myeotmyeot nomege mureulge
jiban geodeol naen geot gatnya saekkya
I don't give a shit I don't give a fuck
haru subaek beon ibbeoreutcheoreom malhaetdeon
‘naegeseo singyeong kkeo'
silpaena jwajeol matbogo gogae sugyeodo dwae
urineun ajik jeormgo eoryeo geokjeong butdeureomae
gureuji anhneun doreneun
pilsi kkigi maryeonigeodeun ikki
doragal su eobtdamyeon jikjin
silsu ttawin modu da itgil
Never mind
swibjin anhjiman gaseume saegyeonwa
budijhil geot gateumyeon deo sege barba imma
Never mind, never mind
geu eotteon gasibat girirado ttwieoga
Never mind, never mind
sesangen niga eojjeol su eobtneun ildo manha
You better
Never mind, Never mind
budijhil geot gateumyeon deo sege barba imma
Never mind, Never mind
pogihagieneun urin ajik jeormgo eoryeo imma
Never mind
budijhil geot gateumyeon deo sege barba imma
budijhil geot gateumyeon deo sege barba imma
Never mind…

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Choi Jongho

Because of the song...

I want to share my story...

When I was younger... I was very alone that time... and I was getting bullied from childrens that were 12 years old and I was 9...
and nobody helped me... they only laughed at me and said: “she’s a whore”

And I was fucking 9 and people were saying those things to me...

When I hit my 10th birthday, the people came up to me and started beating me up... but no one could see it because it was behind the school building.

I was so weak...
I had bruises and you could see it but I always lied about it and said that I fell.

But my mom knew that I was lying...

I wanted to die... so badly... but I got 1 friend after 1 month.

She was so nice... But the people started to bullying her too...

She commit suicide... and she was 10 years old...

This isn’t normal for a 10 year old girl! You need to live your childhood, but I couldn’t...

Everyone hated me...

But not my sister and my parents...

Right after what I told that I was getting bullied we immediately moved out.

But that was good but not that good as you thought...

They were boys and girls that were bullying a girl from my class. I knew she needed help and I helped her but the boys and girls didn’t stop... but at that moment I didn’t care, the only thing that was inportant was the girl...

And then...

I knew it...

I fell in love with her... but I know she’s straight. So I never told her.

But the persons who bullied her and me were going to the high school. So they couldn’t bother us...

But my past is still haunting me, I am in high school now and people still call me a slut or a whore or attention-whore(in Dutch). But after listening to BTS, it helped me a lot.

Like most of their songs has a special place in my heart because of the lyrics. BTS changed me a lot even I am still suffering but it became less and less but it still stayed away because you can't change something in your past.

But I still try to forget my past and run forward and not trying to look back.

BTS is the reason why I am still Alive...

BTS is the reason why I am trying to forget my past and run forward...

BTS is the reason why my pain got less.

BTS told me to love myself and accept myself. Even it’s still hard for me to love myself I am trying to accept myself.

BTS, I love you💜

I am a girl, 13 years old.

People don’t bully people! You don’t know how much in pain people got because of bullying.

I love you guys💜


I'm not lying when I say yoongi saved my fucking life.
Min Yoongi is the man that saved my life. He saved me from suicide. From complete despair. I used to think that there was no hope for me, that even in an ocean of 7 billion people, I was all alone. I felt like there was a dark cloud wrapped around my head that followed me everywhere and I couldn't stop it. I've always wanted to be a rapper. Sometimes I would feel confidence and joy but that would immediately disappear once I looked in the mirror and remembered who I was. It was like a hunter, just waiting to hunt me, especially when I was at my happiest. However, it consumed me so much that I felt like I no longer even had that kind of happiness. I knew everyone was disgusted of me and I had to spend every second of the day wishing I was invisible, a war going on inside my head. My self hate and doubt started to eat me up inside until it was all I could think about. Until I was no longer able to feel anything, just this VOID. Like I'm dead inside. I no longer felt the soul inside of me, and I always wished I was a different person, that I could just be happy, surrounded by love, family, friends, and happiness, like back when I was a child. At this point I didn't even care if I was just hit by a car. In fact I was just waiting for it to happen. My dreams were so far away from me, and I fell. I fell, on my path to it and I felt like I didn't have the strength to get back up. I saw nothing in my future, it was just completely blank and the cloud around my head nearly fully devoured me.

That was until a miracle happened. I discovered BTS. I listened to their songs and thought, 'pretty good, they're really good-looking.' At the time that was all I could really see because I didn't even bother to search up the lyrics, I sort of just listened to their music and never really watched their MVs. At that time I thought they were just another one of them, like everyone else, who was actually happy, successful, and never had to worry about anything, and always took their success for granted, so at the time I didn't really have a connection with them.
One day I thought to myself, 'wow, I never searched up their lyrics.'
So I opened youtube, and this song, Nevermind, was recommended to me. 'Perfect,' I thought.
And when I read the lyrics, that's when I was shocked. I felt chills up my spine and goosebumps everywhere.
When I finally read the lyrics, I hadn't expected it this entire time.
Throughout the whole song, I was nearly crying, just on the brink of tears and a tiny bit of water outlined my eyes. However, that was the most I've felt in such a long time. I felt so happy in the moment, and I wanted to know who the hell rapped most of the song, so I asked my acquaintance who was and still is an ARMY, and she recommended First Love, So Far Away, and The Last to me.
I would say I had the same reaction, except I was full-on sobbing this time, tears were landing on my phone screen, goosebumps on my FACE. I decided to check out more of them, like Spring Day, Lie, Awake, Reflection (still my favorite solo song), etcetera and all the way through I was crying tears of joy.
This was when I opened the door to the world of BTS. It was and still is so beautiful. It's like a miracle, really.
I finally knew, gravity can't weigh me down. Prickly thorns can't destroy me. Bubbles can't make me drown, and time won't consume me.
I could finally see a clearer future, and I continued to work hard for my dreams. I'm finally able to feel reconnected, and I finally can talk to people who understand what I mean.
BTS is weird, funny, and silly, but at the same time they understand, they give us protection, a connection that we will never let go of.
As much as I stan BTS, I have to give a shoutout to my ARMYs as well. They were the family that I was surrounded by, when I entered the world of BTS and ARMY, they were the ones that I could connect with, the family that raised me, guided me, lent me a hand, and protected me from the shit I dealt with, and gave me a bond that still exists and will never cease to. They assured me I'm not alone and that I can make it through.
My first ever inspiration, my first ever miracle.
To this day, I am a proud ARMY.
BTS and ARMY has saved my life, and these two words may not be able to express my gratitude, but to BTS and all my ARMYs out there......

Thank you.


I feel exactly the same feelings as you felt.

I'm depressed and Yoongi really helped me with The Last, Nevermind etc... Specially one day, I was on the verge of suicide, ready to jump from a bridge to the road... I was listening my very sad song's playlist and then, I don't know why... But Nevermind was played. I remember some of the lyrics, and then... There was a huge silence in my head, until I thought "I just want to go home now".
Today I'm trying to heal myself, even if it's difficult. I said to myself "ok, Yoongi was really passionnate and his dream saved him. I just have to do the same thing... But what's my dream... ?" and I felt really bad because I didn't have one, so what does it mean ? That I couldn't be happy ? Never ? Then, I read what Yoongi said... "It's alright if you don't have a dream. It's possible not to have one. Juste be happy.". I understood that I have to do everything I can to be happy first, and then, I'll probably be able to see what I want to do in my life...

I don't know what I want to be, but I really love music, even if I had any talent in it. I just want to help the other like Yoongi does.

(Sorry for my bad english, I certainly made some mistakes. It's because I'm french, so you can correct me ♥)
Thanks for read ♥

Gursimran Singh

"If you feel like you're going to crush then accelerate more, you idiot "
"We are too young to give up"

He knows, he knows....HE'S HELPING ME!!!!
God....I'm screaming and tearing up right now...THANK YOU❤️❤️

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ceo of simps

Im not afraid to say that he is the most talented rapper in kpop, in my opinion


Idc who is gonna say and whatever they are gonna say, he is the one who could touch my emotion.


That's a fact not opinion

joy 2020

Yesssssssss honey he is indeed

Can K'Man

It s everyone s opinion now

Min Yoongi is a DONKEY cuz why not Yes

Phantom it’d there opinion leave it, don’t hate bruhv.

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ominous warning

I’ve never been so comforted by someone calling me an idiot.

Marie_ The Sadist.


Emelie Andersson

@Wala' Alazaizeh perhaps, but I honestly think he’s talking about life in general. If you think you’re doing bad, if everything feels shot, you should fight to make the situation better.

Priyangwada Chowdhury

Agreed !!! ⚡⚡⚡

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