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믿는 게 아냐
버텨보는 거야
할 수 있는 게
나 이것뿐이라서

머물고 싶어
더 꿈꾸고 싶어
그래도 말야
떠날 때가 됐는걸
Yeah it's my truth
It's my truth
온통 상처투성이겠지
But it's my fate (ooh ah)
It's my fate (ooh ah)
그래도 발버둥치고 싶어 (ooh)

Maybe I, I can never fly
저기 저 꽃잎들처럼
날갤 단 것처럼은 안 돼
Maybe I, I can't touch the sky
그래도 손 뻗고 싶어
달려보고 싶어 조금 더

이 어둠 속을 그냥 걷고 또 걷고 있어
행복했던 시간들이 내게 물었어
너 넌 정말 괜찮은 거냐고
Oh no, ayy
난 대답했어 아니 나는 너무 무서워
그래도 여섯 송이 꽃을 손에 꼭 쥐고
나 난 걷고 있을 뿐이라고
Oh no

But it's my fate
It's my fate (ooh ah)
그래도 발버둥치고 싶어 (ooh)

Maybe I, I can never fly
저기 저 꽃잎들처럼
날갤 단 것처럼은 안 돼 yeah
Maybe I, I can't touch the sky
그래도 손 뻗고 싶어
달려보고 싶어 조금 더

Wide awake, wide awake, wide awake
Don't cry (cry, cry)
Wide awake, wide awake, wide awake
No lie (no lie, no lie, no lie, yeah)
Wide awake, wide awake, wide awake
Don't cry (don't cry, don't cry)
Wide awake, wide awake, wide awake
No lie (lie, lie)

Maybe I, I can never fly
저기 저 꽃잎들처럼
날갤 단 것처럼은 안 돼 yeah
Maybe I, I can't touch the sky
그래도 손 뻗고 싶어
달려보고 싶어
조금 더

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Written by: Ho Weon Kang, Seok Jin Kim, Si Hyuk Bang, Namjun Kim, Ho Seok Jeong, Jun Sang Lee, Do Hyung Kwon

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borahae bts 7

Some info about JIN:

He is the most praised vocalist of bts by critics, his bsides always have the most #1 itunes.he is the second artist with the most #1 itunes for a bside and third artist for the most no1 itunes for a solo song, moon is the 5th song in the world with most no1 itunes worldwide, moon was ranked 5 on the greatest boyband songs of all the times the highest bts song,he is the only member Grammy panel praised specifically praising his high notes, breath control, falsetto and his ability to change between head voice and chest voice easily, and called him silver voice,fake love won song of the year and they specifically mentioned jin's high note his high note in Dionysus was named the best moment of MOTS persona album, he was praised by KMA (its like korean Grammy), NME, and many more...Rob Sheffield even played moon during his podcast and praised it, Time praised jin vocals in let go ,even if u read his Wikipedia its mentioned in first paragraph and in artistry that he is an acclaimed vocalist. and there is more and more…

More about Jin :

Jin is always trending on korean websites, the korean general public loves him a lot. They always post how they want to see him ACT. Jin's merch always sells out first. Moon has 109 #1s on iTunes, Epiphany has 63 and Awake has around 51. Moon is the longest charting BTS MOTS7 SOLO on Melon music charts and one of the largest point-earners on Gaon! 

Listen to abyss

Someone You don’t know

It breaks my heart to know that Jin calling himself Worldwide Handsome was just to hide his pain and insecurities 😢

Jin can fly as high as the rest of BTS
But if he couldn’t, the other member would hold him up so he could fly beside them or they would walk on the ground by his side.

Jin is the foundation of BTS, without him they would be lost. Their vocals would never be as strong and beautiful without him. Take Jin away and BTS would collapse (metaphorically)

He’s part of the group for a reason. If Namjoon, Hoseok, Taehyung, Jungkook, Jimin, and Yoongi can fly so can Jin or none of them can.

I feel the same way I am an only child so I had only my cousins who did so well like scoring in the top of the state and getting the best math while I was here with my mental problems not doing too great in school. My parents would be so disappointed and mad at me and never asked me why I was upset, it felt like I had a mask on. I felt like I could never be amazing like my cousins or the daughter that my parents wanted.


Honestly, listen to this song makes me understand a bit more about Jin and how he feels as a member of BTS. When i try to put myself in his position, i found it sad, so sad that it makes him write these lyrics, just try to imagine that you arent good at dance ( compare to Hopie, Jimin, Kookie), you cant rap ( Rap Mon, Hopie, Suga), you can sing but usually dont have much line (tons of BTS songs TT_TT) and EVENTHOUGH you're visual, Kookie and Tae usually get most of the attentions and stand in middle AND ABOVE ALL you're OLDEST ONE (this may makes him feels very discourage as a hyung and he will have to serve in the military sooner than other members). These are his "cuts and bruise" i think

The title of the the song is AWAKE (like this is the reality, the ugly truth), and Jin says that this is his "fate" (means he can not change anything about this), Jin also says this is "my truth" and he dont want to lie to himself, he knows that he's NOT OK with this (while the others fly he just walk) and told himself "Dont cry" ;_;

DESPITE ALL OF THIS, Jin loves the other members and grateful for what he have THATS WHY in the song he said that he will "strech out his hand " ( to reach other members) and he will try to run ( to catch them and be with them for a longer time ) eventhough he knows its imposible because he doesnt have Wings as well as many other things ( talents or abilities ,...) and he's just "trying to withstand" this, there will be a time when he leave "its seems it come time to leave"

Not to mention, he has to persuade other people for a long time to put this song in the album, I think he really want to share his feelings with us, with Army, REAL ARMY, it must be unbearable for him to kept these feelings so much that he has to turn it into a song to share with us TT_TT

All of this, it just... so so sad and heartbroken about how Jin feels and what he has been through, we usually see his happy and cheerful side but he's just a human like us, he also has his difficulties, depression,...

We forgot the butter

I can relate to this song so much.

Im always second best.

Im always the third wheel with my friends.

Im always the one left behind.

Im trying to love myself.

But at the end of the day I would rather have a happy world and for me to be sad then just me be happy.

So I try.

I try to help other people achieve thier dreams.

I try to make others around me happy by trying to be positive.

But sometimes I do get really upset.

So I try to hide it to keep others happy.

Because the people who care get sad when I'm sad.

And I don't want that.

So I try to love myself for who I am even if it doesn't always work.

So even when your sad please try to love yourself and speak if you don't like the situation. Try to help others. Try to look on the positive side. It might just make you happier and it will make the people around you happier.

So if your the third wheel.

Or your not as good as your friends.

Then remember there's only one you in the world.

There's nobody out there like you.

Be proud of who you are.

And remember there's always somebody out there for you.

And I love you for who you are.

Remember that

Edit: all u guys in the comments r the best I purple you all!

nun yah bees nest


A sad song
That jin composed
A song that explains
What jin felt.
A song that he wrote,
Cause he finally accept,
The truth that
he can never fly,
that he may not ever
Touch the sky.

A song that he wrote,
Cause he accepted
His fate.
A song that he wrote,
Cause he is finally awake.

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10 million views!!! jin would be proud :')



anjali solanki

29 Million now💜


29 million baby


Correction 30 mil

Noodle Y

Yes <3

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Ashley Guimary

Jins songs comforted me everytime my parents says bad things about me.

Bts army forever💜💜

sometimes and I listen to this when I’m crying and feeling down

Anant radhe

@Ashley Guimary don't worry,just go,this universe is with you,all the best ☺️

Christine cabrera


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