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I tell you something
그저 묻어두기엔
이젠 버틸 수가 없는 걸
왜 그땐 말 못 했는지
어차피 아파와서
정말 버틸 수가 없을 걸
Now cry
너에게 너무 미안할 뿐야
또 cry 널 지켜주지 못해서

더 깊이 더 깊이 상처만 깊어져
되돌릴 수 없는 깨진 유리 조각 같아
더 깊이 매일이 가슴만 아파져
내 죄를 대신 받던
연약하기만 했던 너

그만 울고 tell me something
용기 없던 내게 말해봐
"그 때 나한테 왜 그랬어?"

됐어 내게 무슨 자격 있어
이래보라고 저래보라고
너에게 말하겠어

더 깊이 더 깊이 상처만 깊어져
되돌릴 수 없는 깨진 유리 조각 같아
더 깊이 매일이 가슴만 아파져
내 죄를 대신 받던
연약하기만 했던 너

I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I'm sorry ma brother
숨겨도 감춰도 지워지지 않어
"Are you calling me a sinner?"
무슨 말이 더 있겠어

I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I'm sorry ma sister
숨겨도 감춰도 지워지지 않어
So cry
Please dry my eyes

저 빛이 저 빛이 내 죄를 비춰줘
돌이킬 수 없는 붉은 피가 흘러내려
더 깊이 매일이 죽을 것만 같아
그 벌을 받게 해줘
내 죄를 사해줘

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Do Hyeong Kwon, Jae Won Jang, Si Hyuk Bang, Tae Hyung Kim

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Christine Sivakumar

Singularity needs 7K for 174M
Sweet Night Needs 85K for 75M
Snow Flower Needs 263K for 43M
Stigma Needs 518K for 15M
Winter Bear Needs 203K for 88M

Just 9 days for tae tae birthday
Let's achieve the best

Kim Taehyung our man♡

thrufinos Hounkpatin

Idk_Itz____jhaerish oh, that sounds sad.
On my side, it can't get better!! And it is!!
There is a girl in my grade that i thought a bit negative of her.. i found her too ''cool''. But since 1 month, she was being nice to me..dunno why. Then i once met her in the train after school, and thought: oh no, not her. But then i decided to be nice and went towards her smiling. Then i sat next to her and wanted to listen to music, but i didn't because i thought she'd ask me what music i listen to, and if i said BTS i thought she'd probably said something like: ewww, but they're gay and stuff...
On the next day, we were in the school café when asian loking girls entered, then she told me she really likes what asians wear, like fashion and stuff and i said me too. Later, she said to me: am i hallucinating or they all look alike? And i responded: no, i don't think soo. And if you have the habit of seeing asians all the time(there i thought of BTS), they don't really look alike. Then she was like: how can you differenciate between them? And i said: well, you know, i watch/listen BTS a lot, so i'm not shocked or stuff..
Then, she answered: REALLY?? Omg, i love BTS too!! And i was like: (in my thoughts) did she just said she loves BTS?? Omg!
Then i said: oh cool, how nice!
I wanted to talk with her more about BTS, but the bell rang.
Since then, she is being really nice to me... smiles at me when we meet in the coridoor, doesn't ignores me and i feel so happy how it's all fine..
And it's the first ARMY i met in my school.

Then: today, we had an interclass project about how to save energy in school, how to sort garbage properly and stuff, and there were two girls from german learning class in my group(i live in germany and there are special classes in schools for those who don't speak german).
Our work was to sort garbage.. at a time, we made a break, then one of the girls made a ''cute'' face and the other said: Jungkook!
I heared it and turned my face very fast to her and was like shocked.. then i smiled and repeated : JUNGKOOK?! Then she said yes, and i said to her: BTS?! Then she said yes, and i said again: ARMY?! And she responded yes!! It was soo heartwarming to meet an ARMY in my school who has the same bias as me(Suga ♡_♡)
Then we talked the rest of the time toghether and even thought of establishing a BTS Fanclub in our school. :)
Omg i'm sooo happy rn!! And i'm happy to meet them tomorrow again! x)
Even my best friend wants to buy me BTS hoodies for my b-day eventho she's not(yet) ARMY..
Idk why i wrote that much, but i needed to share this. I'm sooo happy.
And i hope, you'll soon find nice ARMYs in you school!! I'm SURE there are some :)


Our streaming update in YouTube for V’s birthday goals:-

Those songs already reached the goal:-
- Snow Flower with 40M (might increase till 45M or
50M due to going viral in Xmas❄️⛄️🎄🎅🏻 🦌🛷)
- Inner Child with 30M
- Definitely you with 30M (in Sony Music Korea)

Those songs almost nearby the goal:-
- Stigma with 14.5M ( goal is 15M)
- Blue & Grey with 48.7M ( goal is 50M)
- Butter fancam with 14.3M ( goal is 15M)
- PTD fancam with 10.7M (goal is 12M)

Those songs need more streaming attention:-
- Winter Bear with 86M ( goal is 100M)
- Sweet Night with 74M ( goal is 90 to 100M)
- Singularity with 173M ( goal is 190 to 200M)

Let’s focus more in Songs streaming till the OST get released and also focus in getting more followers for V’s Instagram

All comments from YouTube:

V- nuga nareul magado

Singer: Taehyung!!
Model: Taehyung!!
Actor: Taehyung!!
Feeling: Taehyung!!
Lyrics: Taehyung!!
Taehyung: the true meaning of creativity !!

Kowsigasri Kowsigasri



@KND 4921 my pleasure

KND 4921

@{BANGPINK £DITS}•♡ Thank you so much🤗☺☺


@KND 4921 I think she is SEO EUN AH


True 😭

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Amritha Nv

How could someone only focus on his perfect face when his deep voice is beyond perfection 🥺

Gia Casuna

Yeah 🥺


they're scared of him! He could outsold their fav/bias lol

Yeonjun’s Ramyeonnn

Someone give this guy an Oscar please
Just so you know, He’s a born actor

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