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BTS (방탄소년단 ) Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'P.D.D' by these artists:

Rap Monster (랩몬스터) Warren G (Plz Don't Die) 내가 널 쏘기 전까지 (Plz Don't Die) 나도…

We have lyrics for these tracks by BTS (방탄소년단 ):

I Need U Fall (Everything) Fall (Everything) Fall (Everything) 離れてく F…

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Kirsten Pareja Ruiz

Tall: check! ✔
Talented: ✔
Selfless: ✔
Amazing Producer: ✔
Composer: ✔
Cute dimples: ✔
Understanding: ✔
Intelligent: ✔
Handsome: ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
Deep, attractive voice: 😍✔

Can this guy be anymore perfect?


you should listen to RM's mixtape (no not mono but his first mixtape, RM), except for do you, the rest of the songs are underrated.
The songs are :
Do you
Throw it
Rush (ft. Krizz Kaliko)
God Rap
I Believe


بـــۆ یادگاری

کەڕۆژی لەدای بونمە
چوار ساڵە ئارمیم
ساڵ بەساڵ جیاوازە ئەوکەسانی ڕابردو هەبون ئێستا نین ئەو ساڵ ناخۆشیم بینی ساڵی تر دڵخۆش بوم ئەم ساڵ خاوەنی شتی جیاوا بوم ساڵەکانی تر نەمبو
ئەوسال زۆر ناخۆش بو ساڵەکانی تر وانەبو

ئـــــەزانن من چی فێربوم
فێربوم من مرۆڤم کامل نیم هەرچیەک بێت ژیان بەردەوامە ئەو دێ ئەوئەروات بەڵام من هەر ئەژیم ئەتوانم هەناسە بەم فێربوم کەوتن هەڵسانەوەی هەیە هەڵسانەو کەوتنی هەیە ئێمە پێوستە بژین وەک چۆن باگتان بۆ ئارمی ژیان توانی حەوت ساڵ کۆڵ نەدەن حەوت ساڵی تەمەنی تر دانێ بێگومان بۆ ئێمەی ئارمی
ئای لەو ڕۆژەی کۆتای گۆرانیتان ئەنوسنەوە لەڕاستیا کۆتا گۆرانیش بێت لەدڵی ئێمە هەتا هەتاینە
سوپاس خوایە گیان
سوپاس باگتان
سوپاس نامجون 💜

good night bts
good night army


well looking at the video of the interview
... was very painful speaking on an objective view anyone watching it seem to be a diss or attacking Suga and rap mon ... they r cool to their opinions but one of them kept on asking questions in front of the fans that seem aggressive ... rm and Suga was like we'll talk later. but B-free kept going. which I think most fans got irritated and upset because of that. Once again B-free is free to his opinion but he should have stopped and stayed to the program and discuss it wt them separately to avoid upsetting the fans.
"BTSD" "shouldn't it be SND"
Other guest: we'll talk about it later
People say you guys aren't hip hop ... another person said:" the question isn't here"
asked a question(it's either B-free or the guy next to him):what's an Idol
RM: It's an icon
LIKE WTFFFFF then he was like "Who? oh. you become girls' icons" LIKE DUDE even if majority is girls that listen there are guys too
Boys (the other people there): "When BTS goes up on stage and gets makeup done. Does it conflict wt hip hop. No,no its not makeup. It's a girl. it's like being a girl."

I'M getting triggered so I'll stop. It's just very upsetting.

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Park Chim Chim

2017 and i'm still crying, i'm really proud of him! Namjoon is the definition of hard work and talent


2021 🥺

Kim NamJams

2019 😭😭

h o n e y b a n g

same here

park. .diminie

okay.zihany same😢👌


2018 and i'm still crying lmao

mayora PH

It's 2019 now. You made it to grammy. The biggest boyband in the world. Proud of you namjoon!

Ann Ann

I'm so proud :)

Sonia Ramos

@Humble Pie even so they will always be our winners with or without the Grammy 🥺💜

Humble Pie

They lost the Grammy 😭😭😭

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