Not Today
BTS (K-Pop) Lyrics

All the underdogs in the world
A day may come when we lose
But it is not today
Today we fight!

No not today
언젠가 꽃은 지겠지
But no not today
그 때가 오늘은 아니지
No no not today
아직은 죽기엔
Too good day
No no not today
No no no, not today

그래 우리는 extra
But still part of this world
Extra plus ordinary
그것도 별 거 아녀
오늘은 절대 죽지 말아
빛은 어둠을 뚫고 나가
새 세상 너도 원해
Oh baby yes I want it

날아갈 수 없음 뛰어
Today we will survive
뛰어갈 수 없음 걸어
Today we will survive
걸어갈 수 없음 기어
기어서라도 gear up
겨눠 총! 조준! 발사!

Not not today!
Not not today!
(Hey!) 뱁새들아 다 hands up
(Hey!) 친구들아 다 hands up
(Hey!) 나를 믿는다면 hands up
총! 조준! 발사!

죽지 않아 묻지 마라
소리 질러 not not today
꿇지 마라 울지 않아
손을 들어 not not today
(Hey!) not not today
(Hey!) not not today
(Hey!) not not today
총! 조준! 발사!

Too hot 성공을 doublin’
Too hot 차트를 덤블링
Too high we on 트램펄린
Too high 누가 좀 멈추길

우린 할 수가 없었단다 실패
서로가 서롤 전부 믿었기에
What you say yeah (say yeah)
Not today yeah (day yeah)
오늘은 안 죽어 절대 yeah

너의 곁에 나를 믿어
Together we won’t die
나의 곁에 너를 믿어
Together we won’t die
함께라는 말을 믿어
방탄이란 걸 믿어
겨눠 총! 조준! 발사!

Not not today!
Not not today!
(Hey!) 뱁새들아 다 hands up
(Hey!) 친구들아 다 hands up
(Hey!) 나를 믿는다면 hands up
총! 조준! 발사!

죽지 않아 묻지 마라
소리 질러 not not today
꿇지 마라 울지 않아
손을 들어 not not today
(Hey!) not not today
(Hey!) not not today
(Hey!) not not today
총! 조준! 발사!

Throw it up! Throw it up!
니 눈 속의 두려움 따위는 버려
Break it up! Break it up!
널 가두는 유리천장 따윈 부숴
Turn it up! (turn it up!)
Burn it up! (burn it up!)
승리의 날까지 (fight!)
무릎 꿇지 마 무너지지마
That’s (do) not today!

Not not today!
Not not today!
(Hey!) 뱁새들아 다 hands up
(Hey!) 친구들아 다 hands up
(Hey!) 나를 믿는다면 hands up
총! 조준! 발사!

죽지 않아 묻지 마라
소리 질러 not not today
꿇지 마라 울지 않아
손을 들어 not not today
(Hey!) not not today
(Hey!) not not today
(Hey!) not not today
총! 조준! 발사!

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Dong Hyuk Shin, Ho Weon Kang, Jun Sang Lee, Nam Jun Kim, Si Hyuk Bang, Soo Hyun Park

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Eka Nur Rochmah

Kim T😍
Kim Ta😍
Kim Tae😍
Kim Taeh😍
Kim Taehy😍
Kim Taehyu😍
Kim Taehyun😍
Kim Taehyung 😍
Kim Taehyun😍
Kim Taehy😍
Kim Taeh😍
Kim Tae 😍
Kim Ta😍
Kim T😍
Love to TAEHYUNG ❣️

Balthazar Amber

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Cami Love

Kim Namjoon
You were the one who led BTS to where they are now. You work so hard for them, writing lyrics, supporting them, and loving them.
Namjoon, you inspire me to be a better leader.

Kim SeokJin
I have always admired your self confidence, and your willingness to love yourself. You are also mature, and often silly at times.
Seokjin, you inspire me to love myself more.

Min Yoongi
Yoongi, you are always so calm, and quiet. You also show determination to finish anything you are doing.
Yoongi, you inspire me to be more calm and focused.

Jung Hoseok
Hoseok, our sunshine, and our everything. You always are in such a good mood everyday, even if your day went bad.
Hoseok, you inspire me to smile often.

Park Jimin
Jimin, my angel, and my everything, you were the one who brought me into this beautiful fandom, and you led me out of depression. You continue to help others, even if they anger you. You don’t need abs to be perfect.
Jimin, you inspire me to love others

Kim Taehyung
Our Gucci and goofy boy, you used to be a poor boy, but with you hardworking skills, you have the riches, but yet you still didn’t let fame ruin you.
Taehyung, you inspire me to be determined

Jeon Jungkook
You work really hard each day, as the maknae, you get teased, but you still don’t let it stop you. You working hard makes me want to stand up and do something too.
Jungkook, you inspire me to work harder.

You all comfort BTS as much as you can. I would like to thank you all for supporting them on their journey.
Armys, you inspire me to love BTS more.

i will never forget the time when I have joined this fandom, thank you all for such a wonderful experience

shubhayu mukherjee

so crappy lyrics .i hate bts. they r so overrated. singers from 2 time oscar winner AR rahman , arijit , brodha v , imran khan , sonu nigam , atif aslam, shaan,ankit tiwari, shreya ghoshal etc, are a thousand times better and their fame is only limited in the sub continent. there lyrics and voice are thousand times better.
better dance--
better hiphop---
better song ----
more fun ----
better looking----
better rap-----
better motivation ----


Leidiana Gomes

Not today 500
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BS&T 700
Fake love 850
Idol e Mic drop 825
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Black Swan 230
Boy winth luv 1,1 B
Vamos que vamos Army e compartilha


I feel like I'm gonna forever use 'Not Today' as a response
Me: I'm gonna do my homework today. If you believe me, put your hands up!
Everyone: cricket noises
Mum: Aren't you on your diet?
Dad: Will you do your homework?

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Aaden Boo

Me: "I wish i can go to a bts concert. "
My mom : "Not today."

Tata Mic

Same bestie...

Saifulaazam Saifulaazam

@analine navarez Z

Mehvish nadeem

Same here

Siti Naila Tun Naja


Jungkook's world

Same ax

428 More Replies...


jin: can i get more screen time?

hybe labels: Not Today

Anju Ujjainiya

It is so sad I love jin so Much 💜

Siri.luckwin Goud

He no need to be on screen for time,coz he will stay forever in our hearts 😎💜

Rekhastanly Stanly


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