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BTS (K-Pop) Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by BTS (K-Pop):

Best Of Me When you say that you love me 高鳴る想い 永遠と言って oh just one…
DNA 첫눈에 널 알아보게 됐어 서롤 불러왔던 것처럼 내 혈관 속 DNA가 말해줘 내가…
FAKE LOVE 널 위해서라면 난 슬퍼도 기쁜 척 할 수가 있었어 널 위해서라면…
Go Go Dollar dollar 하루아침에 전부 탕진 달려 달려 내가 벌어 내가 사치 달려 달려…
Not Today All the underdogs in the world A day may come when…
Save ME 난 숨쉬고 싶어 이 밤이 싫어 이젠 깨고 싶어 꿈속이 싫어 내…
피 땀 눈물 Blood Sweat & Tears 내 피 땀 눈물 내 마지막 춤을 다 가져가 가 내 피 땀…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Lunetta M.G

Yall who think pewd is at the wrong side can actually like go take a rest and relax your mind , youtube is for 13+. Naturally that mean yall atleast have a common sense for not invading someone's privacy

Plus this is his private account, which obviously mean an account for him to use it while being anonymous to everyone (well atleast to the platform the account used)

Cmon m8 theres no actual hard time understanding this common sense

Yes i know about putting the word private to an username mean it isnt private but its an adjective statement for felix and i understand, it would obviously mean he want to have a peaceful time while playing the game on that platform (not youtube i mean the platform the game used)

Seriously yall im gonna get some popcorn and some shit while surfing this comment section because this is hella juicy

All comments from YouTube:

Ulla Britta

More information has come out on a new controversy involving pewds go check it out on my community tab.


Nah their isnt any more information, he apologized even thoug he didnt have to..


All you wanted to do was make a smart remark.


Whatever it is who cares they are so desperately trying to cancel him but it will never happen lol



Lumpy Milk

@HurDur to farm views obviously

61 More Replies...


Yikes but imagine being in his position, not showing his ign on purpose for privacy and then everyone just raiding him w messages after he accidentally leaks it for one second

Newtus minder

Yeah, I wouldn’t freak out and insult my little kid fanbase because my dumb video game stream got interrupted, as a 32 year old man. But I’m not a manchild like felix...

Origami With Rami

i wouldn’t act like pewdiepie

michael Kiske

U again

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