Hold Me
BVSMP Lyrics

Hello baby
We're back
We had put an end
And all the propaganda from before
But I just have one question for you
Girl, did you really, really think was true? (no, no)
I didn't think so

Hold me
Baby, show me
Console me
And you'll be there
Maybe I can trust you
And learn to love too
So hold me
And you'll be there

Baby, be mine
Just love me forever and a day
And try to understand all that words I gonna say
You are the one I gonna do, you don't have a clue
Well, if you wanna be with me, then I gonna stay with you
Wherever things get dark, get closest to my heart
You were there from the start, so you'll always be a part
To show me that you are able to adore
And keep our love secure, whenever
Don't take that word as a joke, whenever is spoken
Take as a token, I don't want my heart broken
Long as you love me, I'll never let you go
But specially I let you know, that you're dealing when I go

I'm taking the time, such in the back of my mind
Do you have the love I've been looking to find?
Well, I'm away, will you wait for me?
Or when I return will be too late for me?
In other words, when I return
Speakin' straight from the heart
This is a test of the love or we are apart?
Cherish this love and don't disappoint me
As long as I know that you are mine
I just claim, baby this means, everything is fine

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Comments from YouTube:


i like, the great song,

junaidi ahmad


jacqueline geutselaar

Bvsmp great

Jamil Achmad

Great BVSMP where are they now?


I guess they dissolved the group

Tr ade

Is that Chubb Rock in the short outfit standing with the girls?



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