Tender Love
Backstreet Boys Lyrics

here i lay all alone
tossin turnin
longing for some of your
tender love
i'm waitin 4 the right
moment to come
so i can thank you for
all the tender love you've given to me

tender love (tender love)
love so tender (aaaaaaah)
holdin me close to you
baby i surrender

candles fade like the dark
now i see how
loving a feeling's for
all the tender lov you've given to me
i want you more and more
can't resist you
more than i feel your touch
tender love
holy mirror
please let me be a part
of all the tender love you've given to me


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Comments from YouTube:


gracias!! I love this song!

Jônatas Moraes

AJ is the main voice, Kevin's voice is the strongest in teh harmony and Howie sings the "And you're loving me straight from the heart" part.Impressive how some fans can't recognize their voices.

XxGacha EchoxX

Dude ! This is Force MD . Did you ever watch a movie called Crush Groove? Had a lot of rappers and singers from the 80s! This song was like a premiere song in the movie

Joelma Martins

This not BSB https://youtu.be/ImoSl0VtoXY

Jônatas Moraes

@Jason Raios The same thing that happened to their voices in "Everybody's" chorus, just a support for Kevin's

Jason Raios

What happened to Brian's and Nick's voice?

Voice For Truth

This is not BSB, shocked I'm the first out of the 124 viewers to say so.


Do you have this for download???? Please???

Rico Fifer

Force mds.....not bs

camila pardo

Quién canta? No reconozco la voy principal...

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