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by Bad Pollyanna

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger or so they say
and that's what I'm telling my reflection today.
What doesn't kill you makes you colder,
it seems to me that this is the price you pay if you want to be free. Because but once upon time I was a child, I was kind then I saw I had to find the dark.
And my innocence was left behind I had to try,
had to fight, make a prison deep inside my heart.
Now I'm the invincible girl,
don't need you to save me from this world.
For nothing can hurt the unbeatable girl.
I'll stand by the bridges I have burned.
Invincible girl.
What doesn't kill you makes you wonder if its all the same.
It's harder to love and so simple to hate.
It doesn't scare me when he demons come out to play,
I know their secrets, I know their pain.
I know that once upon a time there was a child but it died,
had to harden to survive the dark.
But although innocence is left behind you've gotta try, gotta fight for the beauty that's inside your heart.
I'm the invincible girl,
pleas don't try to save me from this world.
As much as it hurts, the unbeatable girl,
I'm proud of the scars that I have earned.
Invincible girl, invincible girl, unbeatable girl.
Just try to hold on.
Invincible girl.

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