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It's a day to day battle
Baldwin Lyrics

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Sh Boom Life could be a dream Life could be a dream Boom ba-doh,…
Sh-boom Life could be a dream Life could be a dream Boom ba-doh,…

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Kelly G

How are firearm safety experts not MANDATORY on film shoots??


probably for reasons similar as masks aren't mandatory in Texas

K. McCarren

So the thing is, there isn’t really a necessary license for firearm safety experts. The Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) is considered a governing body for staged combat, but only a small minority of their designated experts are experts in firearms. (I only studied in live performance so I know little about movies)
I only took one workshop by one of the few certified firearms instructors, but I can see where proper procedure could have prevented this tragedy.

Labor laws are unfortunately often written in blood. Hopefully real change is made in response to this.

chris Allen

They are. They are usually older than…24. The fact that the amorer was 24 and was the only “expert” on location is indicative of the industry wide crew shortage.


They were waiting for that to happen

Henry Tjernlund

They are on those with a decent budget. But there was also a labor dispute going on set about payments and lodgings. The police are looking into the possibility that someone may have tampered with one or more of the guns during lunch break when the gun table might not have been secured.

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Negligence really is an issue here. An unskilled person managed the weapons.


@Andrew Storey and the operator of the firearm.... Anyways, was poor Alec so tired that he couldn't even check his own firearm? I can guarantee you this much, he'll check them from now on won't he?


@Gökçe Başaran well, they're not wrong. I mean at the very least, check to see if the revolver you are shooting has a real round in it, they are very easily distinguishable from a blank. But I don't make a living playing make-believe like Alec. And it was someone else's job right? We are not talking about special rigging for a stunt, we're talkin about a simple visual inspection. There is more to the story though, there is about a .001% chance that live ammo makes it on to a movie set, and even less of a chance that it makes its way into a firearm.

Mike Jennings

Yea, Alec Baldwin.

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