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Murphy's Law
Baldwin Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Murphy's Law' by these artists:

Al Jarreau It's too good It's too right So something must be wrong I…
Cheri I hate to tell you But I got a bit of…
Murphy Lee Yo yo Murphy lee, just call me murphy leezy You mess wit…
Murphy's Law We don't care what you say We're gonna mosh it up…
Priestess One life Nearing death finds a way to remain Kept on A digit…
Róisín Murphy I feel my story's still untold But I'll make my own…
Suasion Attention please The breakpoint has been reached To save you…
YC the CYNIC This Evolution A string of atoms Adam planted a single apple…
吉田栄作 涙を見せない強気な君が今 泣いている 破れたフェンスに拳を叩きつけ 自分を責めた 夢を信じられたら 輝いた昨日は嘘じゃな…

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Sh Boom Life could be a dream Life could be a dream Boom ba-doh,…
Sh-boom Life could be a dream Life could be a dream Boom ba-doh,…

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Comments from YouTube:

adam k

i like judges who arent biased and dont take disrespect.

Janna J

Well done to that judge for sentencing that woman in the orange clothing.

Paula Haller

Boy you have to be real nasty when your own attorney throws their hands up by saying to the judge what the last one stated.

Christian Santiago

I liked the judge with the girl who had the bond... He seemed so chill and sassy at the same time


Girl: I’m sorry
Judge: I know you’re sorry
Police take her away


"Judges being savage"
"Judges giving assholes what they deserve"

Hafu Mobster

I respect these judges

Aoife Idowu

Man really said to the judge watch yourself

G '93

Dang that last judge 😳

Jaiden Santiago

Wow I can’t believe the people doing this!

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