Bamboo Bimbo Lyrics

It's so great baby saying you
Every time and this time I'm crushin-fool
Shinin' love, honey, just one look
Runnin' on emotions, like a dance voodoo

Flows in between
Got to win the fight
Inside tonight
Don't want to break
Make no mistake
Spin my mind on high

Kiss fire in your kiss
Lovin' from your lips
Tonight I'm just meltin in the
Kiss dreamin' for your kiss
Gotta tell if you feel
Just like I'm feeling

What you got money just can't buy
I can breathe in love till the day I die
No regret baby I can't hide
Let me feel your lovin flame is burnin bright

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Thanks Alphamaxnova1 for showing me this song!


Mast sbinotto is happy for you

sura zakara

Me too!!


This song is 🔥💕

Daniel Bičan

3:10 when You're about to overtake someone
( But Hes trying to block you )

3:23 you started drifting and somehow pass him

some random dude

The perfect drift is one with less countersteer

90 r!ghtnow


Kajetan MK

0:54 when you go over 120 rmp while racing with a moped on a MTB and you hit a perfect shift

Tahu Bulat

1:07 💕💕


the intro <3

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