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The Pursuit Of Happiness
by Band Of Susans

The Assassin of love has your name on a list
He kicks down the door and he takes you away
Snuffed and cold there's a face in the glass
You're locked in a room with the smell of decay

Something is in the air
You better say a prayer
Something is in the air

A spasm of faith that flickers and fades
Day dreams lapse into a coma of waiting
You sit inventing crimes to pass the time
Before you get caught your confession is made
Look at yourself you're a flash in the pan
You're a spark that's out, you don't remember your name
You're fossilized, you want blood from stone
You've got a hero's heart but play a loser's game

I'm talking to you
I'm watching what you do
I'm keeping the score
One, two, three, four

The apostle of love comes to bid good night
He opens the door there's the scent of an old flame
In a room of my own there's a face that I know
A conspiracy of needs and the swoon of a new game

Something is in the air
I better say a prayer
Something is in the air

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