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Bass Song
by Band of Horses

Well I got
To tell you things
they are, as important
as everything else
showed on was before

The sun came
to kill me then
at least inside,
it's plain
slowly steal, our, on our
dreams away

ain't it wonderful?
to us

is grilled with meat
the only side, fine
is shaking hands
Watch your eyes

ain't they wonderful?
ain't they wonderful?
to us

Carolina home
Savannah home
they need no

I'd be home

they lead no
they lead no

they lead no
they lead no

everything I care for
is so wonderful

he looks around
around me there
fucking through, storm
truth be known
never solved before

she sat
so we'd be there
so resting now, at work
some bridges
better not burn

they'd be boundary now

they lead no
they lead no

they lead no
they lead no

everyone you are reaching for
is so wonderful

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