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Banda UÓ Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Banda UÓ:

Catraca Tá top, Tá top Tá é muito louco Essa festa ta bombando E…
Cavalo de Fogo Às vezes paro e penso Se você não quer, tem quem…
Dá1LIKE Qual é? Dá um like! Banda Uó! Conka-Conka-Conká O cabelo pre…
Faz UÓ Banda Uó! Hoje eu acordei danado com fogo no rabo Eu quero…
Malandro Cheguei nem avisei não precisa falar nada, já tá toda…
Não Quero Saber Ai que uó É o eletrobrega a sensação Baaanbanda uó Já é out…
O Gosto Amargo do Perfume Hoje de manhã quando acordei Senti a falta sua ao meu…
Rosa Rosa, Meu céu, Eu vou te levar desse lugar, Te tirar dess…
Shake de Amor Vou me vingar de você Vou me vingar de você Vou me…

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Comments from YouTube:

serfes Er

When you are not from America but now suddenly this song makes sense for you


@Chef Sev yes USA
Have a lot of guns but the reason is because it's so easy to get one
In Iceland (don't live there)
It takes 3 weeks to get one and u need to take a mental and sanity test
And Iceland has more guns than usa but have lesser gun crimes

Gabthegamer 2

That is true im mexican

Momentum Lando.

@Chef Sev its a doctor suess poem m8. green eggs and ham. Im not sure if you kept reading but my point was you can kill someone with literally anything at literally any time. You could fashion a homemade explosive device and rig it to someones car or put it in a public place. Idk about you but thats much more dangerous than a gun in my book

Momentum Lando.

@Jarrod Yuki "all american men should be bald" wtf?? also "takle obesity" im pretty sure you would need a bulldozer to do that. I can't tell if you are joking tbh cuz you are saying some things that a lot of people would agree with like reforming healthcare and reduce california taxes, then you say shit like that. also, "normalize relations with haiti and cuba" wtf does that even mean? "Reduce cost of day care"?? What? as if thats a fkn national crisis.

Momentum Lando.

@Chef Sev human lives LITERALLY come and go my guy

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Doctor Surreal

Remember when this came out and everyone was shook and now it’s just normal lmao


@Father Honse more like 1 year

Ant Trap Was Taken

I was here

Luxury Eternity

@Father Honse lolz😩😩😅😅😅🥲👿🙈👀😅🤍😄😃🥲😃🤍😄🤍

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