Wind It Up
Barenaked Ladies Lyrics

Stop, drop and roll and I'll tell you where I'm coming from.
You've done a lot of yelling pointed at my eardrum.
I'll offer all of me that you can lay your eyes on.
I'll get right back to you once I get my disguise on.

Hearts on fire you'll learn
End up with heartburn
Wind me up, my dear.
Had it up to here.
Wind it up.

I can't believe that you'd believe that I would fake it.
Wait, 'less you count the things I said when we were naked.
Run, run away from everything we'd ever hoped for.
I can't believe that this is what people elope for.

Throw your sticks and stones
Throw your mobile phone
Wind me up, my dear.
Had it up to here.
Wind it up.

If you are leaving then I wish you luck
I hope someone can make your heart warm
I was a baby when I learnt to suck
But you have raised it to an art form.

Yes I'm out of line
You're out of your mind
Wind me up, my dear.
Had it up to here.
Wind me up, my dear.
Had it up to here.
Wind it up.

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Comments from YouTube:


What I like about BNL is the wide variety of genres they play in and their clever lyrics. Can't wait for the new album to come out in Feb! at least I think it's Feb.


i love BNL and I love this song - it's a real highlight of the new album, which is one of their very best :-D


watched this yet again and still get a laugh everytime ...A good feel factor of a song and vid

Allison Walker-Elders

I lurve the BareNaked Ladies... best old-person band ever. Still a favorite of my mum's.

Leva Dracaena

Go BNL. It's the kind of music you either get it and its hilarious or you don't and miss the joke completely. It's kind of like those 3D eye puzzles.


One of the greatest break up songs ever IMO.


This has a classic rock sound to it. Nice.

Jimmy Bean

Great tune!!!

Mark Berman

Why so many dislikes? It's a great song with a great video.


I wouldn't say it was their best song ever but that video ROCKS, it's HILARIOUS!!!

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