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Talk To Me Baby
by Barry Mann

Hey, pretty please now
Talk to me, baby
Sweet little girl
You're driving me crazy
Come on and tell me
What did I do to you

Girl, if you just sit there and cry
How am I ever gonna know why
Why you're mad at me
And how did I make you blue

Hey, pretty please now
Talk to me, baby
Hey, pretty please now
Talk to me, baby

Hey, pretty please now
Talk to me, baby
Open your heart
And, honey, then maybe
Something you say may
Give me a little clue

Now, before you drive me insane
Little girl, you gotta explain
Say anything but, baby
Don't say we're through

Did I forget your birthday
Did I forget to call
Girls get mad at such little things
How can a guy ever think of them all

Hey, pretty please now
Talk to me, baby
Sweet little thing
You're driving me crazy
Give me a break and
Do what I tell you to

I don't care
What I did that's wrong
Just come right here
Where you belong
And I'll find a way to
Make it all up to you

I gotta know right now
Come on talk to me, baby
You gotta say something, honey
Come on, come on, come on...

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Great song.....I finally tracked this down from the lyrics.I had no idea Barry Mann was the artist.Somehow,the background support evokes (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet,by the Reflections


It's sad that only online can you even hear "Uncommon" Oldies anymore...glad you enjoyed

Matthew Saracho

Great upload! I'm 28 going on 29, but I first heard this uncommon oldie in 2006, and I kid you not, on a radio station in the Antelope Valley, Palmdale/Lancaster, California. You can listen to them online as well, at The only weird thing was, I guess since they didn't have too many dj's then, they pre-recorded all their programming. This meant, if you were to hear this song, you wouldn't know who did it, or what it was called hahaha. However, on Saturday morning's, a fella by the name of Chris Compton would sit in the control booth and play all the music. Nowadays, he's still there, and an additional radio jock named Johnny Helm comes in after him on Saturdays. They used to be on 96.7, but they moved to 98.3 last summer. And what is pretty amazing, they don't do too many commercials. The money and support they get comes from local businesses. And Mr. Chris Compton usually advertises them for others living within the Antelope Valley. I lived up there for about 2 or 3 years, and I discovered this station one day in 2005 when my parents were trying to rent a house up there LOL. So, if you should happen to be near your phone or computer, tune in to KFXM 98.3 at!


@larrynealwaxmuseum Not too sure it was big anywhere...think the flip, "Amy," got more play...still, it's a great side, and thanks for the comments


Love this one...why it's so hard to find is beyond me...glad you dug it


Barry never misses!


Think it's the best vocal Barry Mann ever glad you dug it as grateful you tracked it down...:)


Thank you NME for honoring this side...


KOMA's changed their format, haven't they? Used to loved their oldies. First time I heard Carole King's "Short Mort" answer song to Annette's "Tall Paul" was on KOMA.


Through the years a lot of people have forgotten that Barry Mann had other records besides WHO PUT THE BOMP on ABC Paramount records. I also did like this one by him from 1964. Really wasn't that big of a record here in OKC, but I liked it just thesame. Great post. Larry N. Boyington, aka Larry Neal, former curator of the Wax Museum on the big 1520 KOMA

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