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Born In The 70's
by Battleroar

You play with soldiers of clay your mind is not sane
You live in a game of war, oh, no!
When will you realize, that today, you're losing ground
You're really getting nowhere, nowhere at all!

Your naked sword against my gun
Now it's too late, your time has come
Gone is the majesty you fantasized
Your Glory's a book made of lies

Why can't you see you're losing now
The magic of the moment! You fool!

We were born in the 70's, we got lightning in our veins
We were born in the 70's, and we'll never fade away
We were born in the 70's, we got future in our brain
We were born in the 70's and we'll never lose the race

We were born in the 70's
Born in the 70's, born in the 70's
We don't need no other way

You really think I'm out of my head, you're wise instead
For all that you have learned at school!
Deny this time to live in the past, you were not made to last
You're getting older, you know!

You think your Eden's close at hand
For those who die with sword in hand
Homer and Caesar, have left you alone
You were mistaken and still you don't know!

And now that you came and you joined our cause
Together we stand and we boldly go, to planets unseen
Where no man has gone before

And now that you're leaving the Earth behind
A blinking illusion, for all mankind
It's time to live for today, to learn to be free

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