Sword of Crom
Battleroar Lyrics

Quenched in a mound of snow
Double edged slayer of steel
Brazen skulls of sacred Elks
Horned cross guards, leather wrapped hilt
Metal masters
Ancient bladesmiths
Stole the secrets
Giants beheld
Realms of legend
Where the ice dwells
There was crafted
Mighty father's sword

Oh, Suffer no guilt,
Ye who wield this in the name of Crom!

Gleaming kingdoms he commands
Roaring lions on his banners
Savage pleasures, burning pain
But always there remained
the discipline of steel!

Seaside raider
thief and killer
Sworn to tread
Hyborian empires
Under the heels
Of his sandaled feet

Oh, Suffer no guilt,
Ye who wield this in the name of Crom!

Kneel to the sword of Crom!

Oh, Suffer no guilt,
Ye who wield this in the name of Crom!
Suffer no guilt, he who wields thee
In the name of Crom!

Contributed by Isaiah R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Markus Flydd

First hit on Youtube for "epic heavy metal." I approve of this.


wow! This guy is a much better singer than the guy on the blood of legends album.


Man that sounds like Mark Shelton 3:13-3:17


There has been more book's than one.


awesome song! my favorite song from Battleroar! They rule! pame re metalonia!!!

William López

Epic Heavy/Power Metal hecho en Atenas en el 2000

core ngrato

well let me clarify something to all of you. To me it sounds heavy metal: why? because he's got a opera technique voice therefore= Heavy Metal (real one). thanks

Yannis Rubulias

Battleroar rule! Greetings from "To Death and Beyond" cover artist and real fan of this epic band! ;)


why not?!...hehe, I kinda' agree with JamesIsMyNamo :-)

Shawn Burton

You know you've found proper Metal when you don't even notice that you've turned it up 10 times over. Ill be adding Battleroar to my "Must Listen" list.

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