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by Bazanji

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I came on the scene and I did it alone
I work every weekend I been in the zone
Got so many bars I don't need a phone
They call it a game and I'm looking for thrones
Going through every comment
I'm wondering why everybody been talking
They telling me how I'm supposed to be rockin'
But really they wish they been doing this all on their own
Negative talk don't phase me
I got real fans who gon' play me
Skill don't work when you lazy
And I see dreams wasted daily
And I'm going to get it right now
‘Cuz nobody been handing it out
Everyone know that I'm playing for keeps
The quicker you get it the quicker you leave

And I've been working like 10 days a week
Never got time to be spending asleep
I been dreaming up with my eyes open
That 3-1 lead but I'm not choking
They all cap like caps lock
This the anthem take ya hats off
Not concerned about trash talk
I'm counting down till that blast off

Like woah, I'm ready to go
Don't give advice you ain't done it before
You think you've been ballin' but look at the score
We rocking that camo we going to war
Yeah I'm Tom Brady with the comeback
You falling off like a hub cap
These other rappers are Thursdays
We talk about you as a throwback
I know
Who really killing it now
I'm making my family proud
Don't matter what everyone saying
As long as I'm what they all talking about

Yeah, hit a milli now
They be sitting down
I be moving up
I'm the reason why
They be giving up
‘Cuz they can't relate
I been on my way
To a better life
Had to sacrifice
Sleeping every night
Working overtime
Had to pay the price
Following my dream
Now I'm on the rise
They be watching me

What a time
What a time
Last year it was all mine
This year imma keep it going
New album you know it's coming
I been down with same ones
New year I'm the same one
Don't play with me
I don't play nice
And I'm building up
This ain't overnight
Like woah

Writer(s): shad albarazanji

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