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Be The Voice Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Be The Voice:

Altogether Alone It came It came like a thief in the night I happened…

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Comments from YouTube:


@soffiejj it sounds a bit awkward in english --- A baby stays home when his mom leaves to gather oysters in the shadow of an island and fall asleep to a lullaby sang by the sea. The baby is sleeping well but the mom feel uneasy cos of the sound of seagulls. So, she just comes home in a hurry with her oyster bucket which isn't fully filled.


But it's still as meaningful. :D

WoW Music

마카롱티비가 뭔데 나도 어케보는지 알려주셈

Rhys Wallace



고등학생인데 마카롱티비 볼 수 있나요? 보고싶다...

Camilia show

유튜브댓글보고 마카롱티비들어갔다가 깜놀했네 ㄷㄷ

All of TikTok

아니 마카롱티비 니들때문에 몰래 보다가 여친한테 걸림 어떻할꺼냐

prashant sony

마카롱티비 볼꺼면 성인인증하고 보셈 나도 그렇게해서 봄


군대에서 할꺼없었는데 마카롱티비만 봄 남자들 밤에 꼭 봐라

Vamshi Foods

야동에서 나온애 마카롱티비에서 방송하는거 실화냐?

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