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Altogether Alone
by Be The Voice

It came
It came like a thief in the night
I happened to be looking
Out through the window
I swear it was brighter than hell
Man, I saw a light through the window
It was hovering above
The house next door

* I froze
I froze like a stone
All alone
I swear my hair stood up
And I said a prayer to end all prayers
I reached for the phone
But the phone was dead

Next the glowing ball turned red
And a voice inside my head
Said, "Boss(Fred), go on back to bed
>From now on
You are gonna be able to see
>From now on you are gonna be
All at once with peace and harmony
In rhyme and reason altogether alone"

It came
It came like a song
In the day, the way I play
When I get off on a feeling
Of wheeling and soaring through space
Like the word what flows
Like the lover as it explodes
Kicking off the start of time

*repeat (반복)
Rhyme and reason altogether alone

Contributed by Cooper W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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