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javascript void;
Be The Voice Lyrics

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Altogether Alone It came It came like a thief in the night I happened…

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Steve Griffith - Prof3ssorSt3v3

void is used to have functions treated like expressions. That means that they won't return a value. Sometimes you have a function that you don't need anything to be returned from. In cases like this, you can put void in front of the call to explicitly say that you don't need anything back.
The most common use case was to put "void" in front of other code that you are running from inside an HTML anchor tag. <a href="javascript: void myFunc( )">
javascript: is the protocol.
myFunc( ) is the code that I want to run.
void tells the browser to treat the function like an expression. Nothing(undefined) gets returned and the link doesn't go anywhere.
If you are going to be altering styles with JavaScript you can do that in any function. You don't need to use void. A best practice would be to group all your style or DOM manipulations into functions on their own. Then you could call the functions with void in front of the call to explicitly say that nothing is expected back from the function. The return value will be undefined. Eg:
function one( ){
//do somethings
//do more things
void myFunctionToChangeStyles( );
Here I am calling my function and saying that I don't care about the result. Just pretend that it is an expression that has no return value.
You can also put them in front of IIFEs (I have a video on these too) if the function is not returning anything.
void function( ){
//do something
}( );
This example is the same as:
(function( ){
//do something
})( );

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rot rose

Thank you very much for the explanation of this abstract subject, it may take some time for me to really understand it, but I will continue.


Nice microwave sounds ;) Still, very useful video. thanks!


@Steve Griffith - Prof3ssorSt3v3 I guess I'll keep going then! thanks again.

Steve Griffith - Prof3ssorSt3v3

@Maximilian Learning how to program does take time. There is no alternative to this. HTML and CSS are very visual things. You can see the screen change as you update things. With programming you are dealing with a lot of abstract concepts. It takes time and practice to get them straight in your head. You are learning a series of tools. Eventually you will have enough tools that you can build whole projects.
2 months is nothing. I've been programming for 30+ years and I'm still learning.


@Steve Griffith - Prof3ssorSt3v3 I've been programming for around 2 months now, got my html and css down. However, with the past couple of weeks learning JS I feel like... it hasn't clicked yet. Takes me ages to read code and get what's going on. Does that just come with time? Really want to actually understand what I'm doing rather than just blagging it when I write JS. Too much trial and error going on for my liking!

Steve Griffith - Prof3ssorSt3v3

yeah. Hard to keep the family out of the kitchen when I'm recording.

Abdulloh Tohirov

thank you Mr.Steve.




Hi! do you have any videos about get and set?


I already saw thoses <3

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