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Beats By A.P.I Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Impression' by these artists:

Achint Da na na ni sa ni sa, Da na na ni…
Jeremy Zucker Silence, I need silence Lately my brains been seeking the si…
Matt Woods Close my eyes Let the whole room come to life We didn't…
Rowland Salley i was walking with my baby one night. we were out…
Squint I've never struck myself as intriguing But i seem to fascina…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Beats By A.P.I:

Love is Do you know what this is No, I don't But whatever it…
Until I Think The Year Was 1995 And So The Story…

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Comments from YouTube:


idk what these kids are talking about, "thats pointless" it isnt made to speed up the process its like a toy, it gives you something new and fun to work with and learn, just bought mine today cant wait!

Michael Ortega

Justin sounds tired

The Nice Devil

Nah our boy is hustling haha he is doing a lot of stuff in the Background also i hope he did not quit the Boxing stuff


3:04 Make music for yourself. Don't think about what people might like or not like...

Lionel Watkins

The FIRE is dope


It is definitely NOT to improve workflow, but rather a device to help with creativity, but most importantly FUN. If you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong...

Aaron Reiten

Amity on the contrary it’s fun and speeds up my sampling workflow.

Joachim Jacobsen

"Prove you guys.. WRONG!" Gave me a lil shock there, boi

Ace Scola

I'm gonna need to find more tutorial videos.


Halloween spooks vibe 👻👻

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