Love is
Beats By A.P.I Lyrics

Do you know what this is
No, I don't
But whatever it is
It's very powerful
Have you felt this way before
Oh, I thought I knew
Do you know that I love you now
Oh yes, I do

Love is...
You've got the softest lips

You know that I cannot stay
Yes, I know
It has nothing to do
With you or with love
Oh, yes it does
Do not call or come around here
Do not tell
You know that I loved you then
Oh well...

Love is...
You've got the softest lips
Love is...
The touch of your fingertips
Love is...
Knowing you won't let go

She awakens things
That he said he thought were dead
He says, are you happy now
Oh yes, I am
But when it's over
How then will you feel
Will you miss those arms that used to go
Around you

So she stood there in the hallway frozen
In the dark
And her heart broke down
She cried
She fell to the floor

One tear slid across her lips
To the corner of her mouth
Love is...
And dropped to the floor

Love is...
You've got the softest lips
Love is...
The touch of your fingertips
Ooh, she says love is
Knowing you won't let go
Love is...
Watching you go

You're so very powerful
Love is...

Am I happy
Yes I am
Do I know you love me now
Yes I do
Do I know you cannot stay
I know
All about love
All about love

You're so very powerful

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Elijah Waan

1: 7/10 wouldnt rap on
2: 8/10 would rap on
3: 6/10 would rap on
4:8/10 would rap on
5: 7/10 would rap on

Smart Rapper

Thanks for the feed back! I'll pin this so people can see others rate in this way.


Damn beat 3 and 4 were fire asf no muthafuCKin lie

Maxxad TV

Hey Rob. I would suggest you do a version of this but for rappers that watch your videos and you randomly pick 5 to 6 of them from the comments and show 20 to 30 seconds of their songs in a video and instead of it being titled "Would you rap to these beats" instead do something like "Would you network with these artists?", as it's mostly upcoming rappers watching your videos and we'd all be grateful for some sort of an opportunity like that. Just a suggestion, as there are a lot of producers to find on YouTube for beats. Still a good series though :)

Anony Mouse

@Smart Rapper true...

Maxxad TV

@Smart Rapper I actually get you ye. That makes sense. I wasn't sure if you'd get a copyright claim for a certain amount of time.

Smart Rapper

I considered this idea yesterday when I read you say it... I'll consider it. But realistically... This method does allow you to record a song to one of these beats and then get exposure. If I play YOUR SONGS on beats I don't have permission to use I get hit with a copyright claim because you don't own the beat. In this case the producer themselves gave me permission. Get me?

Anony Mouse

Yeah mn

Ken Lawrence

2:45 "HOLD UP" - B SOUNDS BEATS... IS DOPE!! 💯☓💯🔊💪


Ken Lawrence that one fire

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