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new era
Beats By A.P.I Lyrics

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Danny Brown Niggas out here snitchin, do my dirt all by my…
Derdian I'm a valiant captain, Golstar is my name And I am…
DEXCORE 痛みを文字に変えたこの言葉が お前の頭目掛けて突き刺さる (NEW ERA) そろそろみたいだ 価値すらない 俺の痛みを…
Diabulus In Musica New era is here waiting for me A new reality will…
Joell Ortiz & !llmind Seven-and-a-half yank new era Spank whoever feel like their …
Karin Park Either you are in or you're out This cannot be spoken…
Nokturnl My Fever is the flavour of a new era When the…
Nulbarich 'Cause I don't have enough No second thoughts 変わらない笑みで you s…
Retro Kidz Brand new era right now, we're about to put it…
Ruben Paz feat. Rockie Fresh It's a new era, let it begin It's untold favor, we're…
Seventh Avenue [STORY: The night approached its end. The morning broke up…
Specials (the) This is the dawning of a new era This is…
Starling Electric I flew from your presence Still lost in the forelocks of…
The Specials This is the dawning of a new era This is the…

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Love is Do you know what this is No, I don't But whatever it…
Until I Think The Year Was 1995 And So The Story…

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Jessica T

@hellterminator And yet optimization still happens. Look at the hardware resources needed for a game in like Alpha or Beta.

An jsut because you can't optimize for all, doesnt mean you can't optimize for some.

For instance, stuff for RTX isn't going to be available for GTX.

You can't optimize for everything, but you can optimize for a handful of popular things.

An even if a console is running better than PCs today, that doesn't mean in 3-4 years PCs won't be blowing them out of the water.

Back before the PS3 Pro, my rig was better. Which didn't even have all top of the line parts.

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I know it's weird, but I actually kinda enjoy loading screens. It gives me time to study in-between game sessions. I passed medical school thanks to GTAV.

Laura Brown

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This confuses me as I need less than 20 seconds to load in (not a joke)


Ive passed college now

Crazy Tiger Spy

@Ali Samin k boomer


@Ali Samin Boomer spotted.

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Star Studios

Title: A console could beat your pc
my 7 year old pc with intel hd graphics: Always has been


Only 7 years old loooooool

Crazy Tiger Spy

@Game Breakers put that intel back in the pc so the graphics and graphics cards run together

♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive]

@Game Breakers a very nice pc bro :* ::)

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