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josh gregory

Absolutely show the older sets

Sagacious Iroh

Cool video, looking forward to more of the old sets. I actually love the older minis, partly because of nostalgia but also because they are extremely durable.


I absolutely love some of the older D&D minis! Cannot wait to see what you'll pull out next!


Really enjoy seeing some of these older minis !!!! As always, you guys present everything very well.

The Gallant Goblin

Thank you! We should have a few older sets to show once we figure out the scanner for all those stat cards. -Grady

Gert H

Got this set, nice to see a review so many years later


Definitely interested in seeing the older sets, I'm always looking at secondary sites ( and BTW thanks for the introduction to toad and Troll I didn't know about them), so being able to see the actual size of them compared to other minis, and seeing minis I didn't know about is always extremely helpful! !


I know it's probably crazy hard to get a hold of nowadays, but I'd love to see the Night Below set for older stuff. It's what got me into DnD and I still love the minis from it!

The Gallant Goblin

Thanks, good suggestion! We're keeping an eye out for older sets but Night Below definitely looks like one of the hardest ones to find. We don't have it at this time but will look for it. -Grady


Very much enjoyed seeing an older collection that I’m not familiar with. Look forward to seeing more. Really like the side by side with same/similar minis. Great job as always guys

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