Dorothy's Victory
Bel Canto Lyrics

Nine seconds before her victory
Dotty fell and hurt her knee
But she'd never noticed it would bleed
Cause as it did se turned the key and she was free

Discussing Dotty Galemore

Her reed velvet brush is lying there
With her long silken stray of hairs
God bless the child that's got its own
With nothing broken, nothing taken nothing torn

Discussing Dotty Galemore

They wonder now where Dotty's gone
A zillion miles away from home - ooh ooh ooh
Discussing Dotty Galemore yeah - yeah yeah
Her mummy lost her pebblestone - yeah yeah yeah

They wonder now where Dotty's gone

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Kamil Walczak

At first glance, it’s the most mainstream-orientated album of Bel Canto, and has a bit different flow than their previous material. In the first few songs, the beautiful voice of Anneli Drecker sounds a bit similar to Annie Lennox, while the music itself is also not so far from Eurythmics. After a promising opening (“Foolish Ship”), we can find potential hits (“Feels Like I’m Already Flying”, “You Rock My World Tonight”, and “Disappear Club 5” mainly due to its melodic refrain). Somehow, the sunshine burst through the dark clouds to warm up the souls of the musicians of the band, but definitely changed the chemistry. It turned out that it would be their last album (released in 2002). At this time, Anneli already launched her solo career by releasing the debut album “Tundra” in 2000. The band captured some magical moments in two ballads (“Dorothy’s Victory” and “Tree”) and an interesting experimental attempt (“Happy Times Fly Fast!”). The album becomes more nostalgic and less poppy toward the end.


I like thinking that it's the last "it's fifty minutes down the block" that the narrator's partner in Disappear Club says is being spat out with more anger than anything else, simply because it's an apparently irrelevant detail (that gets repeated).

Erik Rezende

I wish I could count how many years and how many times I cried listening to this album, the first time I've heard was after the end of the film "Little Buddha". Imagine my reaction...

Rigg Ad Konnors

de mis agrupaciones favoritas y parte muy transcendental en el sound track de mi vida, i love forever Bel Canto!

Rigg Ad Konnors

@Nadira Cruz gracias, sabes que me encanta bel canto y su gran musica, saludos!!

Nadira Cruz

Que loco venirte a encontrarte en esta canción! Espero que estés super bien, te mando muchos saludos

Rigg Ad Konnors

Soy Ricardo Abrego

Rigg Ad Konnors

@Nadira Cruz hola, asi es soy Ricardo

Nadira Cruz

Ricardo??? Hola!


are "Bel Canto" still alive and available for touring?

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