Bel Canto Lyrics

Send me a message,
Escort me through the passage
Into the dark side of life,
Let me slip into the eternity

I sense a light, a cave so bright
Oh, what a trauma,
Release me from this coma
Why won't they let me escape?
Drip, drip, intravenous emergency,
And so in vain
The heal the stains and wounds on my body
So torn apart and bloody,

I do not wish to return
I don't want to be one of the crippled ones
Do hear my prayer,
Don't fade away

Send me a message,
Escort me through the passage
All I need is a sign
Skip over this emergency

Forgive my sins, don't force me in
To live like a phantom
Still, this is nothing random
I'm meant to suffer and wait

But one minute more and it might be too late
So give a sign, I'm losing time

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Comments from YouTube:

D. R.

The impact this song had on my youth was very strong and powerful. All these years later, I still feel the same intense emotions. Completely outstanding music & lyrics.

Covent Garden

The first time I heard this song was in the mid nineties.. Despite it's Depeche Mode nuances the song has the most striking effect on you and one cannot forget it.

Kenneth T.

Very beautiful track from a great band from Tromsö in the very north of Norway. This particular track is extra special as it's reminds me that in the year before this album i wrote (as a young boy) a fanletter to Anneli Marian Drecker, the beautiful singer with the lovely voice. I beware very good memories of the few concerts i visited and times i met them personally after the concert. Geir Jensen even a few years later whit his solo project Biosphere. And last but not least i'm very happy for Anneli that she's happily married to Per Martinsen (Mental Overdrive), one of my other heroes from that time, also from Tromsö.


Strong message. Very strong.


My favorite track, since always, such a sad lyrics...

Mister Meanie

don't force me in
To live like a phantom
Still, this is nothing random" - man this still moves me to this very day Adamek

W o n d e r f u l ! P e r f e c t ! I d e a l ! Moja kołysanka od dziesiątków lat..

Maria Bieniaszewska


Agnieszka Brucka

@Anna Silva Adamek ma Pan racje

Asia Asieńka


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