Bel Canto Lyrics

Between the longest days
I search and wonder
You might come inside my world
To escape the doubts, there ain't no other
Reason nor a purpose

Show me the way
When all is ready, set and done
If our dreams and hopes
Will fall asunder...
We are here for a purpose

When our love is alive
We are descendants of love
Alive and awake
We are descendants of love

Free your mind
The early dawn, the early dawn
Way, oh we are, I say we are...


We are,
We are descendants of love


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Bel Canto poznałam dopiero w styczniu zeszłego roku i słucham go bez przerwy, ale w ogóle mi się nie znudziło. Wręcz przeciwnie! :) Najbardziej lubię "Shimmering, Warm and Bright". Ale reszta jest równie doskonała. Tak bym chciała usłyszeć ich ponownie na nowym albumie... :(

Charlie Bradley

One of my soul anthems, such a spiritually relevant message


+Thesortvokter thanks for the link

Charlie Bradley

Nice post.

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I love how the so beautifully sad beginning morphs into the most uplifting of all messages: "We are the Descendants of Love" . . . if only this could be remembered each day of our life.

Chris Townsend

Shimmering, Warm, and Bright is one of my all time favorites. Current copy is getting worn. I LOVE this song.


Today is my 14th wedding anniversary, and my wife sent this to me this morning as it was our wedding song. We probably didn't think it all the way through since it's a long song, and it was about 97 degrees at our outdoor wedding 😬 Still, this song has always and will always mean so much to us.

Marc Moingeon

Lovely story. That's great some people like you still remember that band and this song... It's a deeply moving song for me too... just for the pure beauty of the music and Anneli's vocals. I couldn't understand why they didn't play it live when i saw them touring for this album, 29 years ago... I've recently bought all of Anneli's solo albums thanks to Discogs, the two last ones with an orchestra are especially magnificent.

Jordi Perez

I can't forget the first time I heard a lot of years ago, nothing more to say. Superb


This and Summer are my favorite songs on this album, and it's hard to pick favorites from Bel Canto. Beautiful.

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