Bridge of Dean
Bella Hardy Lyrics

Leith Waters run, Leith Waters flow
And time's washed down as melted snow
There sleeps the unnamed girl laid low
Weed tangled hair pulled to and fro
Her life dragged to the undertow
Down by the of Dean

All Hallow's Eve left ghosts there
In Bonfire Night's chill wood smoked air
Her same old path to home seemed strange
That friendly way so rearranged
Each well known tree took evil shape
Down by the of Dean

She's crossed Dean and dropped down right
And left behind safe city's lights
Gone wandering home quite out of sight
Each bang and flash of firework bright
Left her shaking by the riverside
Down by the of Dean

So scared she runs for Saunders Street
In tripping steps and heart skip beat
While man made thunder splits the sky
Hygieia cries as she runs by
But the roaring river spurs her own
Down by the of Dean

That creeping feeling something's wrong
She's glancing back and running on
Down to the arch and almost there
A hand grabs out behind the stair
Why can no-one hear her screaming there
Down by the of Dean?

The healing draughts of St. Bernard's Well
They could not help her as she fell
Down in the water still she lies
With reaching arms and pleading eyes
But no-one knows as they walk by
Down by the of Dean
No sign to mark the place
Save a lonely pink glove half buried in mud
Oh sing on high you church bells toll
An hourly mass for the unnamed girl
For her lonely lost forgotten soul
Down by the of Dean

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