Flowers of May
Bella Hardy Lyrics

"Wake, oh wake my dearest Jeanie
And accept these flowers of May
The sun breaks with my love for you
And I beg you come away"

"Oh my father will not have you
And my mother she says no
They say you must earn wealth and rank
Before they let me go"
"Then my ship shall sail the ocean
On a tide of velvet blue
And I shall rides the waves love
As the stars watch over you"

Well he's boarded on the Trenby
And not far gone from the strand
When the cruel south wind so wickedly
Pushed that ship back to land

On the rocks by Bishop Corner
In the night she's caught and done
And there's neither sight nor sound left
With the breaking of the sun

"Oh your ship lies in the ocean
In a grave of velvet blue
And I shall curse the stars love
As the waves wash over you"

Seven hours she's lost in weeping
'Till to the cliff's edge she has gone
But as she closed her eyes
There came a whisper soft and strong

"I would swim a thousand oceans
To bring you the flowers of May
And I've fought the freezing waters grasp
To beg you come away"

In a cottage by the ocean
There's a song of velvet blue
May you love, may you be loved
And may the stars watch over you

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