Belle's Wake Lyrics

Swiftly you stole me away
From the thoughts in my mind
Of numbered days and measured time
Could this be the proof that love's just a guess
At what a blur can but suggest
It's a silent truce, the warring divide
The forgotten warmth of a sigh
Succumbing to bliss and blessing the wound
With a kiss
And everything falls away
Spinning round at last we come face to face
Just to be
Thrown clear

Lonely elation departs
Say when on your mark
At twelve paces we turn and aim for the heart
But forgetting the duel is just inking the cruel
Stamp of our haste
So let the wheel keep on turning
And watch fires burning
We look with our hands but my fingers are learning
To see beyond shadows
Above where the wind blows your hair
Across my face

Then everything falls away
Tumbling out at last we see the price we paid
Just to be so headstrong waiting to die

Then looking up from down below
The sun pulls through and starts to show
In your eyes what frost delayed
Now time begins to thaw
To be swept so strong
The sky resounds
The rain hits the soil
We come up through the ground in the dark
And light the way that we once thought was lost

But there's a chance that we might not
Fade away into the night
Moving on, the day is done
The road is long so we must run
And find the rest

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