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Raining In My Heart
by Bernadette Peters

Pitter, patter, what's the matter with me?
Pitter, patter, rain is all that I see
Where is my raincoat?
It's here somewhere

Why wear a raincoat?
The weather's fair
But ever since I saw him depart
It's been raining, raining in my heart

Where are my rubbers to ford the storm?
What good are rubbers? Outside it's warm
But ever since, heaven fell apart
It's been raining, raining in my heart

Once I saw a cottage on sunshine lane
A fairy palace in disguise
I don't see it now
It must be rain that's getting in my eyes

Where's my umbrella and where's my guy?
I need my fella to keep me dry
It won't help if the sunshine should start
'Cause it's raining in my heart

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