Happy Times
Bert Weedon Lyrics


Writer(s): Bert Weedon

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Big Boss

you are still dressed as a member of the NCR

T. Lisen S. Ringdal

"Patrolling the mojave wasteland almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter"


I love the tasteless characters with the goody backdrops of NV, so fucking entertaining

General Lego MacLeo

I feel like chilling back in my chair with an ice-cold soda with an old under-over shotgun taking potshots at some scorpions.


(clears throut) I have 25 Stimpaks and a Arc-Wielder Plus a Shiskebob and I have a HUGE Missile Command center sooooooo... I'm better off hunting deathclaws


Ah, I still remember the first time I wandered into Freeside, just a hair away from the Strip. This was the song that played as I entered Freeside, I had just realized you could play music through the pipboy.


I see a man of culture

Carson P.

RIP Bert Weedon, great song


2004 sucked

Euphoria Official

They puted great songs into fallout new vegas, aren't they? if not this game I will probably never know about these great hits.

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