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Space Age
Betancourt Lyrics

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Antioch Arrow Dipped in chocolate with a cobra design. My sign is a…
P.B.K. (MJG) I can make you get buck Even if you don't…
Spacelab I give you All of Me Baby can't you see that I…
Theatre of Tragedy Гагарин, Гречко, Леонов, Лайка, Белка и Стрелка Space age…

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Comments from YouTube:


I have no intention of ever playing this game that intends to drive you completely insane but I do love this developer's point of view and the way he elegantly wordsmiths his thoughts.

Magus Perdé

Its fun tbh. You feel yourself getting bettef at it

Mike Mike

@Jules A dude do you have any friend?


Huh, I'm the 12k liker to this comment, dope 😁

Ransu Desu

@SynthWave Dave i feel like my brain cells commited suicide after seeing Jules A argue his already dead (like 100feet deep) point.

SynthWave Dave

@NerdGroovy honestly no point even trying to make some one like him understand anything , he will argue with every one until he is blue in the face , never played the game but states how the developer should react while saying "Who the heck gives a crap about what the developer thinks" that was 1 of jules first lines yet he argues about it for months with people in this section so he clearly cares what the dev has to say while he never played the game in the first place but of course he will continue to fight and argue because some people just want to be right and can never back down even when they are acting like a entitled brat over nothing that concerns him , over 3 million views so i guess some people care what the dev has to say ...

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He should patch this into the game. If the game detects your beating the game several times really quick it plays this speech as they are speedrunning it

ms. pirate

Yes please XD



The Ugly Dumbird

it kind of sounds like cut dialogue

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