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Work It Out
by Beyoncé

How ya doin', honey baby?
You know I don't ask for much
But for a girl spendin' time alone can be pretty rough

But I get a knock on my door
I know it's yours for sure
We can't wait for the bedroom, so we just hit the floor

Is y'all all right?
I don't know, but I know what's happened to me, girl, hey
Is y'all all right?
Uh, break it down now
He gotta work it out
He gotta work it out
A brother gotta work it out
Whoa, whoa

Child, blow your horn now
Come on, child, blow your horn now

So we're shakin' back and forth now
Just keep it comin', babe
Treat my body like a guitar
You gotta, you gotta keep on strummin'

But in the back of my mind
Is it gonna be the last time?
Well, if it ain't about lovin' and you gon' keep it comin'
Well, baby, with me that's fine


Child, blow your horn now
Come on, child, blow your horn now

I like this
Oh, oh, hey
Look-a here
Bring it

So, baby, hold me like you don't want to let go
I'm feeling foxy 'cause, boy, you're workin' it out
My love, you've given me a taste of your honey
I want the whole beehive
I'm gonna call you my sugar to fly high
The sweetest time

You gotta work it out
You gotta work it out
Brother gotta work it out
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh

I like it when the horn go
I like it when the horn go
I like it when the horn go
I like it when the horn go

Austin better work it out
Foxy better work it out
AP3 better work it out
AP3 better work it out

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Comments from YouTube:


One of the funkiest most underrated Beyoncé songs, she stood out as an original and set trends instead of following them, a unique Diva, love this era.


@Jack Dalton That's her wig. It's deliberate. She's the unique Beyonce wearing a Tina Turner wig.

Chi Non

Kool Kid facts exactly 👏🏽

Chi Non

Joseph m first of all nobody stole nothing. It was rich Harrison’s sound and his right to use it with whoever he pleased. Amerie didn’t own it. Enough of this foolishness

Chi Non

sheelaa jayy' exactly

Chi Non

CHINONYE EZEAMII shut up. If you watched the behind the scenes you’d hear them say that this video is inspired by the psychedelic 70s and tina turner. So what’s wrong with thrusting? Let’s not like people of the 70s were innocent

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Shelton Logan

Beyonce just evolved that's all. If she just stayed the same then she would've have ended up like all the other late 90s early 2000s artist.

Jackson Forrest

Shelton Logan right and she is a rapper now. Go figure 🤷🏾‍♂️




she looks so afrocentric here. i like it :)

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