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by Bidi Stranger and the Unknowns

The day seems nice and bright and everything feels alright
I went to school without a fool tryin' to pick a fight
I was loced out Kris Kross shirt and some Khakis
Lookin' and feelin' like nothin' but a Mac, See
The bell rang and I got my dash
Feelin' good cause it was the last day of school and I passed
No mom's trippin' so me and my mom went dippin'
To celebrate the fact that I wasn't slippin'
The downtown scene was packed
People screamin' from they ride to my ride, ain't you da Mac I
says I am what I am that's who I be
And Ya'll should have seen how they were tryin' to get to me
Kool, cause dissin' them don't pay they're the reason why we are
who we are to this very day
And all that love keeps me and Kris tight
Long as we give some love back everything's Alright

Now everything feels alright when I'm rollin' through my hood
And I see the one's that used to do the dirt done turn good
Lil kids tryin' to be like me, with the braids, the shades
Some pants like nike's gee
Ain't nothin' mo better than a letter sayin'
I'm your number one fan, can you write me back man
Yes I try not to pass on an autograph, I try to do as many as I can
Now it feels good when I'm rollin' through my hood and ain't nobody
dissin' sayin' the nigga thinks he's too good
Cause, I'm down like four flat tires
Just a til nappy headed kid from the briar showin'
I can do right and not do wrong
Representing the Bee Gee's comin' up strong
and we ain't got no love for the other side, we only live this that
love us back right.

Now people seem to think what I do is a blast, cause I'm always on
the road and I'm makin' some cash
But they don't know really doe the pressure it is for some kids
tryin' to make it in this here biz
Early morning interviews, then we step to school
Step from School, back to interviews
then it's on to other dues
So warm it up Kris, I said warm it up Kris
That's what I was born to do

Now throw your hands in the air and wave 'em from side to side if
the feelin' that ya feelin' is a feelin' that's right
See I ain't come out wack, I came out right
Unlike those moes that chose to pass the mic
It's the Daddy Mac, Big Baby everything is real
but you want to want to diss because
A nigga sold a couple of mil
Look here
You can't say nothing if you're last in the line
So when ya diss it just let's me know I'm on your mind
And it's Alright

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