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Girls Against Drunk Bitches
by Big D And The Kids Table


Straight up a problem right off the bat. You Ain't selling me girl your attitudes crap. Ooh I'd simmer down though my friend's getting piseed. She's got this thing right yeah this is fucking it.

Girls Against Drunk Bitches [x4]

I'm Like a culture shock... Shit are you looking for a fight. Push around the Yah-Dudes as long as you like. Better back up gril. Shut the fuck up. Silly little queen has just gone and fucked up.
What "do I find you Cute?" Nah whad you say "I'm Not that cool?" Ooh I'd calm down though that wasn't very nice. Yea all right you have a nice night...

Girls Against Drunk Bitches [x4]

You feel to safe the feeling's wrong. See where your from ain't where you are.
I will not put up with it I will not take it.
[Miriam and Dave]
Ooh she's up ooh la-la. Here she comes bring her on. I will not take it I will not put up with it. How many people are ready now? How many people push back the crowds. How many people wanna tie em' down. How many people want back their town. Ooh yea you prance through the club skeezy-ass grin.
You're playin Hollywood and you don't let common folk in. Ooh little girl ooh ooh little girl. See your shit don't fly with me and my world.
Oh no wait she's gonna drop. She has no chance Jen's way too tough. Oh man she's way too tough she has no chance.
This girl is fucked!

Girls Against Drunk Bitches [x8]


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