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My Girlfriend's On Drugs
by Big D And The Kids Table

She passed out at my parents dinner
You got to love her
She screamed at my dad that I'm a winner
She really digs me
She's scared the house might fall on us
While were sleeping
She's scared that we are going nuts
That's whay I'm thinking


She takes pot to come down
Yeah coke for the confedience
All kinds a pills if she had the money she would get them
Huffing for a challenge
Acid for the love of it
AND AND AND AND AND drinking just for fun!

My girlfriends on drugs(3 times)
Her brain is going, going, going, going, gone

She swears that cat is stealing our money
You got to love her
When she sees a cop she will burst out laughing
She's going crazy
When I put her to bed she says thank you superman
I think I like it
She showed up at my work on something...she screamed



{CHORUS}-3 times
My girlfriends on drugs!
She's gonna die die die die(3 times)
Her brain is going, going, going, going, gone


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Comments from YouTube:

Herb Slim

Thank Christ they're vocalist beat cancer!

Christopher Padilla

This is the first song I listened to the first time I smoked pot.
still going strong.

k Maz

Christopher Padilla aim**..

Dog Mayor

Good man


Had the pleasure of opening for these guys in Exeter in August, one of the best shows I ever played!

Conor S

saw these dudes last night at hits and pits in Sydney with strung out, unwritten law ,face to face and more, was unreal. got to have a drink with them all too.


BlankTV's staff was thoroughly shocked to hear that Big D & The Kids Table's frontman, Dave McWane, has been diagnosed with throat cancer. All our best wishes go out to Dave and his friends and family.


@KennyMassey No need for an apostrophe. The plural of girlfriend is girlfriends. The grammar is right on this one. We have two writer/editors on staff. Nick BlankTV

anndee caliemogirl

"she showed up on my work in something... She screams " i'ma daisy " LOL :D

selena m

When i put her to bed she says "Thank you Super-man!" and I think I like it

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