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Crystal Skull
Big Hoodoo Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Crystal Skull' by these artists:

Mastodon Guide A truth Prevail and ride Into the black hole Sea…
Mastodon ft. Scott Kelly Since I'm always making resolutions Seems every night for me…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Big Hoodoo:

Dark Side My reflection fades more in the mirror everyday, Dark clouds…
Never Had Day one, It started when they told my mom to push…
Psycho Love I love money and murder, She say she down with that…
The Yard I must make them pay For what they have done Stack them…

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Comments from YouTube:


This reminds me back in the days. Big Hoodoo is wicked.


This is the shit

william Clos

This whole album's dope. I got my copy at the record store (Traxn' Wax).

Nick Knows

Big Hoodoo come to the Bay Area, please!!! I love your shit!

David Strunk

I love drinking Crystal Skull vodka!! Whoop Whoop!!! MCL

anthony legend

This deserves an awesome lyrics video

Chris Caudill

Whoop whoop much wicked love from stoned clown


Come to Colorado with ICP and Twiztid !!!!!!!!!!!!

PantyDropper Juggalo

ppap1m mom ap1010aqa

Chris Caudill

Whoop whoop much wicked clown love fam