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Mountain Climbing
Big Hoodoo Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Mountain Climbing' by these artists:

Joe Bonamassa I'm just a poor man working day by day Lost in…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Big Hoodoo:

Dark Side My reflection fades more in the mirror everyday, Dark clouds…
Never Had Day one, It started when they told my mom to push…
Psycho Love I love money and murder, She say she down with that…
The Yard I must make them pay For what they have done Stack them…

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Comments from YouTube:

pc Juggalo

best rapper in the game today.

Ed Mason

classic psychopathic... love it

S Dox

Big'z records are just as good as anyone else's you know why? Because his music is different, too


Definitely a dope ass track as well as most of Hoodoo's shit!

Tyler Swanson

J and Hoodoo need to start a side project


Thats what I'm tallinBout. MmFwcl4l


Mt Everest

Alex Twoliter

whoop whoop

Darion Perez

All the way

Richard Taylor

wait ppl are lazy what I am not lazy I may learned by my step dad tought me how to grow weed when I was only four years old so when I was in fourth grade I grew my own shit and doing it ever since not my fault if ppl can't find my shit over ppl nose's where it's hiding so piggies can't find shit of mine it's like trying to find waldo in the sky's when he is no where to be found

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