Freaking Out
Big Thing Lyrics

I′m fading like the light
I'm holding on for life
For life

I′m so stuck in my head
My head

Something don't feel right
But I'm freaking out
Freaking out
Freaking out
Hope that my face doesn′t show that I′m freaking out
Freaking out
Freaking out
Hope that my face doesn't show that I′m freaking

I'm riding out this trip
There seems no end to it
No end

Something don′t feel right
And I'm trying not to worry
But I′m freaking out

Freaking out

Writer(s): Daniel Lewis, Jennifer Morris, Jonathan Campbell

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Adi - Straight From LaughTale

0:00 - Don't Try This At Home
And More Importantly Don't Try This Alone

Oliver W G

0:00 Girl doing a trick In the window Car 🚗

Oliver W G

4:12 man farting

Kpop Scenario


Amir Mahmood Khan



@Warren Jensen fr when I write in ela i cant resist using every word as capital

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Damien Wright

"That's hopefully not permanent" is the most chilled reaction to potential blindness ever lol

Rant All About It

It’s makeup. It’s not gonna blind her. It just coated her eyeball, happened to me before. I’m just wondering why she didn’t wash her eye, she just stood there 😩😂


01:00 MC Esher's driveway!

Sarah Putt

@Aaron Elzy  hi

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