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Big Tom Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Big Tom:

Back in My Baby's Arms The honey bees are gonna be hummin' Guitar strings are gonna…
I'll Settle for Old Ireland They sing about the hills of Oklahoma Or the big Swiss…
THE SAME WAY YOU CAME IN Going Out The Same Way You Came In Recorded by Big…

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Comments from YouTube:

Karima Nicolette

Listening to this piece, let's me not worry so much about the ways of the world and takes me to a place of solitude and love where peaceful waters flow🌬🌊

Shane Miggs

You are truly one of my favorite pianist. This was beautiful, keep up the good work.


That plucked the strings of my heart! Im speechless...😐 Im literally stunned! Omg....


I shall be purchasing your album this week too after I get paid :o)

Angie 01

Yassss omg the emotion you displayed just made me not wanna take my eyes off u👏🏼😭i was triggered that ppl kept walking by without stopping when your over here displaying how vulnerable you are with this masterpiece😢

Jeff Guage

Karim, you playing is beautiful..I play by ear but it takes several days for me to get a song straight as I cannot read music to save my life.
Ironically, my wife has a 4 year degree from Berkley Boston and can sit down and read and go straight to

Trish :

So beautiful!!!!
How can anyone just walk by???

Francine A.

I truly love how you convey emotions while playing the piano! I felt intense but at the same time I felt sad. That feeling of sadness, regret, anger, sorrow and pain perfectly captured. But after every storm there's always light. I suddenly felt Faith, hope and love. Life is just like a piano, the black keys are the sad moments in life and the white ones are the happy moments. We choose to remember the white ones and avoid the black ones, but if we combine them together we realize both make a big part in life. And we'll learn that both make music.

Conan Shrum

This is magnificent! The title fits well. Let me guess, the song is in C minor? :)

Nick Lamar

simply AMAZING! You played how I feel. it's crazy! I want to learn. it's so much tunes I know I can create by how I feel

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