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Stand Up
by Bigbang

Big bang
Let's go


I wanna
I just let it go

Jegakgi dareun groove
Tttokgatji anheun geurup
B I g b a n g (5 microphone checker)
Mwonga dareun move uriga baro boom
B I g b a n g (5 microphone checker)

Listen up listen up igeon jidokhan crack
Jungdokjadeuri sokchuldoe wiheomhan track I'm pretty sure he says to the beat of my track
Honjaga anin daseot myeongi set
Seung ri dae sung g-dragon is golden ticket

Eonjena urin dangsinui gyeote
Tto dareun gamdongeul geonnaelkke
Aldasipi I sidaeui top
Taeyangcheoreom nopeun kwollitiwa ttaekkal

Let's get crazy yo da gachi oneul murihallae
Nan sarami manheulsurok jeongsin mot charine
Stage wie loser bikyeo dasi uricharye

Everybody stang up stand up
Everybody wake up wake up

You want some more
Give it to me
Give it to me
Give it to me
You want some more
5 4 3 2 0

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